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Draped in Health Blankets Help the Dogs of Beastly Rescue NYC!

$1087 Donated to the Dogs of Beastly Rescue We’ve been donating to Beastly Rescue for a few years now, but every time we make the donation it feels great! Thanks to our generous customers and Draped in Health Blanket lovers, our 2021 donation was $1087.50. In case you’re new to the Draper scene, here’s the scoop—50% […]

3 Must-Haves for the Adult Re-Rider

Taking a break from horses or from riding happens. Whether the choice is by choice or imposed by life circumstances, the rider in us can’t wait until the day we can get back in the saddle. And when that magical day comes, our excitement and enthusiasm carry us through the first ride (or first few […]

Draper Therapies is Staying Open with Select Products

Back in June, we announced that we would be scaling down Draper Therapies, mainly the equine and canine lines. After a few months, we are happy to report that, due to the level of interest and remaining raw materials, we will be continuing to make select body, canine and equine products in our therapies line […]

How to Choose Standing Wraps

When it comes to choosing standing wraps, there are a lot of options. Oftentimes the standing wraps you choose to use come down to your horse’s legs and personal preference.

New Navy Saddle Pads from Draper Therapies

A classic and elegant look combined with Celliant® technology make Draper Equine Therapy® Saddle Pads the perfect choice for sensitive and hard working backs.

How to Help Horses Stay Warm in the Winter

Anne-Marie Duarte, super groom for Olympic eventer Selena O’Hanlon, shares how she helps the horses in her care stay warm during frigid Canadian winters.

Draper Therapies’ Draped in Health Blankets Help Homeless Dogs

We’ve been running our Draped in Health campaign for quite a few years now, but for me it never gets old. Below is an updated version of how and why the Draped in Health Blanket project pivoted to help Beastly Rescue.

Even Superwomen Need Sleep

For Tanya Moths, new mom and owner/operator/head trainer at Lone Star Farm in Kiel, WI, our products help her get the quality rest she needs! Check out this superwoman’s testimonial on our best-selling Couch Blankets.

Draper Therapies is Powered by Celliant

Our products are powered by Celliant – but what does that really mean?

Perfect Polos for Imperfect Legs

I’ve ridden and cared for a lot of horses, which means I’ve wrapped a lot of legs. I’m pretty comfortable saying that the majority of the legs I’ve wrapped were sound, but they weren’t perfect. Scars, bumps, lumps, and even come odd conformation made up the legs I clipped, brushed, bathed, wrapped, and checked. While […]

10 Uses for a Draper Body Therapy® Neck Blanket

You’ve heard of our equine products, but chances are you’ve unknowingly skimmed by our most versatile and underrated product. The Draper Body Therapy® Neck Blanket is a little product that can help in a lot of ways! Let’s count them. On a bed pillow Stitched on the inside of a stable blanket/sheet/fly sheet On the […]

3 Solutions for Hot Sleepers

Falling and staying asleep can range from tricky to near impossible for hot sleepers. Constant tossing and turning or waking up to adjust blankets can lead to poor sleep quality which can pose other challenges to your well being. Here’s 3 solutions to help hot sleepers get a better night’s sleep. Use a fan. Fans […]

Current Draper Therapies Dealers

At a time when it’s tough to be a small business, we want to take a minute to list the current Draper Therapies dealers. These people and small businesses have helped us spread the word about the benefits of Celliant® throughout the equine, canine, and bodywork communities. We’re thrilled to have them as part of […]

How to Tell if Your Horse is Comfortable

One of the great benefits of Celliant® is that it helps increase comfort. While as humans we understand what it feels like to be comfortable, measuring comfort in an animal that can’t communicate with words can be a little more tricky. Here are a few ways you can tell if your horse is comfortable or not.

Draper Therapies is open!

We’re happy to report that Draper Therapies is open and shipping. As you may or may not know, Draper Therapies is a small part of the larger Draper Knitting Company. Draper Knitting is considered an essential business and has been permitted to stay open. As it stands right now, USPS and UPS are still picking […]

How to Apply Perfect Polos

How to apply Perfect Polos

Tricks for Nap Blanket Care

We have had a few customers ask how to care for their body blankets, so here’s a trick we use!

Three Reasons Why Neutrals Are the Best at the Barn.

In recent years, the injection of bright pastels, neons, sparkles, and other retina-diminishing colors into equestrian style have had traditional neutrals taking a seat on the bench. But we’re here to tell you that those hum-drum colors you only use on horse laundry day are actually quite magical.

Guest Blog: Kelly Wilson from Hunky Hanovarian

Hi everyone! This is Kelly from the Hunky Hanoverian. I wanted to take a few minutes to write about one of my favorite companies- Draper Therapies. If you want more background about the therapeutic benefits of Draper Therapies products be sure to check out my blog post (http://hunkyhanoverian.com/product-review/product-review-draper-therapies/), where I talk a little more in-depth […]

Draped in Health Blanket Season Starts Now

We hereby declare October 1st the beginning of Draped in Health Blanket season. Chillier weather means better naps and better snuggles. And some new Draped in Health Blankets.

Draper Therapies Retail Partners

Looking for our products closer to you? Check out our retail partners.

Draper Therapies Fall Schedule – 2019

Though it might seem as if we’ve been quiet this summer, we’ve been busy bees here at Draper Therapies headquarters. New and rebooted products, fancy-dancy new website features, and a holiday campaign that’ll knock Santa’s socks off – we’re ready for fall and the holidays!

Draper Therapies to Sponsor the Horsemanship Tests at the Rhode Island Equitation Championships

Horsemanship goes hand in hand with our company’s core values – to do good and be kind. We are thrilled to return as the sponsor for the horsemanship tests at the 2019 Rhode Island Equitation Championships.

Draper Therapies Annual Shutdown + Sale

Every year around Independence Day,  Draper Therapies closes for a week of maintenance. We clean, we do overdo chores, and we celebrate the 4th… But we don’t ship orders that week. Never fear. You can still place orders through the website, just we aware that any orders placed during shutdown (June 28 at noon EST […]

3 Tips for Keeping Your Saddle Pads Clean

Keeping your saddle pads clean and looking show-ready doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s three tips to keep your saddle pads looking new longer. Wash regularly. If you’re trying to keep saddle pads (or any garment) looking its best, don’t skimp in the washing department.   “It is not necessary to use a cleaning agent on […]

We’ve got new corrugate packaging!

If you’ve ordered a human or canine product from us recently, you might have noticed that our packaging has changed from plastic to corrugate. Draper Therapies tries to be as eco-friendly as possible, so making the switch to corrugate was a no-brainer. Here’s why we love our new packaging so much: It’s recyclable. Corrugate contains […]

5 Keys to Healthy Horse Legs

Your horse’s legs carry a lot of weight – 60% of their total weight is carried on their front legs – making leg care one of the most important pieces of the horse care puzzle. Here’s what you can do to help keep your horse’s legs looking and feeling their best. Know your horse’s legs. […]

4 Solutions for Easing Achy Hocks

For many of us, the start of show season means managing an equine partner with achy hocks. Here’s 4 ways you might consider managing your horse’s achy hocks. 1. NSAIDS Regular daily feeding of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications is a common when managing hock issues. This practice can lead to gastro-intestinal disturbances, so if you […]

“Giving feels good, but giving love feels even better”: 2018 Philanthropy Project results

Oh. My. Goodness… You guys did it! I’ll be honest, every time I get an order with a Draped in Health blanket on it, my heart jumps a little. I’ve shipped those colorful blankets all across the US and Canada and as far away as Vietnam. I pack every order with love and pride, but there’s a […]

Yeehaw! Draper Therapies is Going to Denver! – Limited Support during Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

The Draper Therapies office will be offering limited support while we attend the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Denver, CO with our big sister company, Draper Knitting Co., 1/29 to 2/2. There will be limited customer support available during that time. Becky, the product manager, will have limited access to her computer, but will be […]

Best Gifts for Equestrians 2018

Picking the right gift for the equestrian in your life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here’s our top five best gifts for equestrians in 2018. For the equestrian in a cold climate: Draper Equine Therapy® Cooler For those equestrians weathering the storm in colder climates, a Draper Equine Therapy® Cooler is the way to […]

Black Friday ’18 – The Inside Scoop From Someone Who Knows

Leaves are on the ground, the freshly clipped horses are spooking like crazy, and it gets dark at 4 pm which can only mean one thing… Thanksgiving, and subsequently Black Friday, is almost here! The team here at Draper Therapies has been making preparations for our annual Thanksgiving weekend sale, and I think you’re really […]

Where We’ll Be: Fall 2018

And just like that, summer is gone. Are we a little sad? Yes, but only a little because fall is our time to shine! Equitation finals, year-end horse shows and awards, changing leaves (we’re in New England) and chilly mornings are some of the best things in our opinion. Some of our favorite events also […]

Sound with a Chance of Windpuffs: Diagnosing and Treating Windpuffs in Horses

Windpuffs… the name sounds a lot friendlier than they look. Even though they sounds like a type of friendly cloud, windpuffs can be found on the back of your horse’s legs. Although not usually associated with lameness, these soft, fluid-filled pouches on the sides and rear of the fetlock joint can look alarming. Windpuffs can present […]

Tradition, Darn it! Sometimes Natural Isn’t Always Better in Equestrian Textiles

Equestrian textiles have been stuck in the 1800’s. The market is slowly starting to embrace new man made fabrics, but for the longest time if it wasn’t a natural material it didn’t belong on horse or rider. The main reason? Tradition, darn it!     But the way it’s always been done isn’t always the best […]

Summer Sale: What’s on the Menu

The first week in July means cook outs, fireworks, shutdown… and the annual Draper Therapies Summer Sale! As many of our long time customers know, the Draper Therapies office is closes every year for one week in July for our annual maintenance shutdown. It gives us time to do some house keeping, service the machines […]

Seeing Blue: New Draper Anti-Sweats are a Summer Essential

“Good ride, bad ride, tough ride, light ride – EVERYTHING I ride gets grass and the magic blue sheet. They recover better and are much less cranky.” – Beloved and Sometimes Overly Candid Customer who wishes to remain Anonymous One of the most common questions I receive is “how do I use *insert product*?”. The […]

Becky’s Mother’s Day Must-Haves

Howdy! Human moms, dog moms, horse moms, cat moms…. Everyone has moms in their life. Mother’s Day day will be here before you know it and if you’re anything like me, you usually wait until the last minute to get something special for the moms in your life. Let’s not do that this year… gifts […]

Where We’ll Be – Spring Schedule

If there’s one thing we love more than product development, it’s meeting our customers. Whether it’s meeting new customers or catching up with our long time loyalists, spreading the word about Celliant® and showing people how our products can fit into their daily routine is the best! This year we’re adding some new events to […]

Creating a Unique Solution: Contoured Dressage Pad Prototype

Earlier this year, advisory board member Charlotte Merle Smith, one of our longest standing advisory board members, presented us with a unique design challenge. Charlotte is a para-dressage rider (and all-round super woman) who uses dressage whips to communicate with her mount, Firewalker. She loves our XL Dressage Pads, but the square shape was causing […]

Tails and Trails: Meet Draper’s Newest Advisory Board Member, Geneva Coleman

As a brand, historically Draper Therapies focused primarily on equestrian sport… But we’re ready to start branching out! We have started expanding our reach into the canine world with Advisory Board member Kristine Kubota. Now, we are expanding our reach into the world of hiking/running by adding Geneva Coleman, an avid thru hiker, to our […]

Meet Draper’s New Advisory Board Member, Kristine Kubota!

We liken canine agility to the jumper ring – it’s fast, tricky, and requires excellent communication between the animal and operator. Successful agility dogs must be well trained (physically and mentally) and be feeling their best in order to compete at the highest level. We are thrilled to introduce agility dog handler Kristine Kubota and […]

Florida Bound!

We’re hitting the open road again! Becky will be in Ocala 2/16-17 and Wellington 2/18-21. Customer support will be limited during that time, however Becky will be available by email (Becky@drapertherapies.com) and Facebook message!

We’re Going on Vacation! Draper Therapies Order Information

We’re going on vacation! Becky, our product guru… er, manager will be away from her office Thursday (2/1) until Monday (2/5). No orders will be shipped during that time… so if you need something shipped, get your order in before 3pm EST tomorrow! Becky will have limited phone/e-mail access while she is away, but if […]

Tell Us What You Think – Draped in Health Blankets and Fly Bonnets

Draper Therapies is committed to bringing new and uniquely functional products featuring Celliant® to the equine, canine, and human body market. We are almost always in the process of designing new products and improving the current products in our lines… and this time we need your help! We are currently looking for folks who would […]

2017 Philanthropy Project Results

2017 was quite a year for Draper Therapies! Between the launch of our new No Bow Wraps and Dog Coats, and Advisory Board member Selena O’Hanlon and her mount, Foxwood High, winning the Fair Hill International Horse Trials AND being USEA Advanced Horse of the Year, it didn’t seem like the year could get any more […]

Our Biggest Sale of the Year: Black Friday, Thanksgiving Weekend & Cyber Monday

Earlier in the month, Becky leaked the best times to shop for certain products…. But now we’re ready to release the nitty gritty details of our biggest sale of the year! Thanksgiving Day – Cyber Monday (11/23-27th) Clearance, seconds, and already discounted items are excluded from the sale. The sale also excludes the Draped in […]

Draper Therapies helps Beastly Rescue bring dogs home for the holidays!

EDIT 1/25/18 – We have had so much fun helping Beastly Rescue with our DIH blankets that we’ve decided to extend this campaign! Hi all, Draper Therapies operates under several core values – we’ve made it our mission to bring practical, durable, and high quality therapeutic products to the market that maintain the quality that […]

Thanksgiving Weekend Preview

The biggest (and best, in my opinion) holiday is just two weeks away – hooray for Thanksgiving! That means that Black Friday, Thanksgiving Weekend, and Cyber Monday sale preparations are in full swing here at Draper Therapies. I’ve been sworn to secrecy until the week of Thanksgiving to unveil the details of our sales, I […]

We’re Taking Socks Off the “Lame Gift” List

Foot discomfort is the great equalizer. Although we assume that athletes are more likely to become injured, there are many conditions that can develop without engaging in athletic activity. Anyone can sprain an ankle, develop plantar fasciitis, suffer from neuropathy, or simply get sore feet from standing too long. Rich, poor, old, young, good health […]

Draper Therapies Labor Day Sale

Take advantage of our Labor Day weekend sale! Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, leg wraps for your horse, or a new blanket for fido, get a great deal on all our products featuring recently FDA approved fiber Celliant®.     To learn more about Celliant click here. To learn more about Celliant’s […]

Back to School Essentials – Draper Therapies BTS Sale!

The next few weeks are what parents look forward to and students dread – the end of summer means that the school year is right around the corner! All students benefit from a restful sleep, especially student athletes. So whether you’re packing for the move into the dorms or just buying the essentials and putting […]

Which Wrap is Which? A Guide to Draper Therapies’s Leg Wraps

Right now, Draper Therapies makes three different types of equine standing-wrap-type leg wraps: Recovery Wraps, No Bows, and Quick Wraps. Customers looking into our leg wraps usually fall into two categories: novice wrappers or savvy wrappers. Novice wrappers are folks who don’t wrap or polo their horse very often, if at all. Unfortunately their horse […]

Where We’ll Be – Fall Events Schedule for Draper Therapies

The time has come again for us to break out of our office and hit the open road! Here’s a list of events we’ll be at this fall. Centerline Events @ HITS on the Hudson – Saugerties, NY – August 18-20th Bluegrass Bear AA Challenge East Coast Rider’s Cup East Coast Pony Cup Rhode Island Equitation […]

Draper Therapies Happy to Announce U.S. FDA Determines Celliant® Responsive Textile Products Meet Criteria as Medical Devices and General Wellness Products

July 27, 2017, Canton, MA – Draper Therapies is thrilled to announce that the United States Food and Drug Administration has determined that products containing  Celliant® meet the criteria for medical devices and general wellness products and will be categorized as such. All of Draper Therapies’ products contain Celliant, a smart fiber clinically proven to: Temporarily […]

An “Exceptional” Tryon for Advisory Board Member Todd Minikus

Courtesy of JRPR Inc Tryon, NC (July 11, 2017) – Todd Minikus’ superstar hunter Exceptional has once again lived up to his name, sailing over jump after jump to win class after class at the Tryon International Equestrian Center in North Carolina last week. The “exceptional” winning streak culminated when the duo claimed a stellar victory in […]

Quick Tips for a Fun July 4th Weekend

As the weather heats up and we all get ready for the long weekend, I know a lot of people – at leas me! – are excited to spend some time out on the trails. I’m lucky enough to live a very short trailer ride to some amazingly beautiful trails, and plan to take all […]

Celebrating the Vintage: It’s Senior Equine Week at Draper Therapies!

Aged, senior, old, vintage, elderly, tried and true, ol’ faithful – no matter what you call them, this week we’re celebrating our equine friends who might be a little past their prime but have lots left to give their humans. It’s Senior Week at Draper Therapies! May 28th through June 5th, check out our Facebook […]

Blues and Plenty of Green as Draper Therapies Advisory Board Member Todd Minikus Starts Off Kentucky Spring Horse Show

Courtesy of JRPR Inc. – Lexington, KY (May 16, 2017) — Todd Minikus’ feet barely hit the ground between stirrup irons at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show in Lexington, May 10-14. Minikus competed on a dozen horses over the weekend making a lot of owners happy with top finishes on several horses. Alex Verlooy’s Carvelo Z took […]

Hooray! Draper Therapies New Product Update

Adding new products to our already awesome product lines is really one of the best parts of the job. This spring, we have two new products for you to fall in love with! Draper Equine Therapy® No Bow Wraps They’re finally here! Customers have been begging for this product and we’re thrilled to be able […]

Wait! Before you buy those flowers…The Best NonTraditional Mother’s Day Gifts

Draper Product Manager Becky shares her favorite Celliant products for Mother’s Day (shhh… don’t tell her mom!) Finding a Mother’s Day gift can be tricky. Sure, you could go the traditional flowers and a sweater route, but I like giving gifts that are a bit more nontraditional. Here are my tops picks for Mother’s Day […]

Rolex Entries – Returning Contenders and a Rookie!

We’re really REALLY excited for the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event (RK3DE) this year! Not only do we have seasoned professionals Selena O’Hanlon and Bunnie Sexton attending, but this will also be long-time advisory board member Madeline Backus’s Rolex debut!         The competition is a little over a month away, but our […]

Don’t Believe Me Just Watch: Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Alcazar Rock the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI 4* at Adequan Global Dressage Festival

Wellington, FL (March 21. 2017 – Dressage duo Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Alcazar delivered an electric winning performance during Friday night’s FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI 4*, presented by Havensafe Farm, at the 2017 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, FL. The pair earned a score of 73.325% as Alcazar’s snappy hocks hit every beat in Bruno […]

Thank you, Sunny Hale

The Draper Therapies team was saddened to learn of Sunny Hale’s passing yesterday. Sunny was an incredible woman and extraordinary polo player – she was the first woman to win the US Open Polo Championships and the first female professional player to win the US Open Polo Championships. Sunny competed in Polo Tournaments in 11 […]

Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Alcazar Make Brilliant Comeback in their First FEI Grand Prix of 2017 Season

Another of our advisory board member off to a great start this winter season! (Courtesy of JRPR) Wellington, FL (February 3, 2017) – International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Katherine Bateson-Chandler has made a powerful comeback with her primary dressage partner, Alcazar (known to Bateson-Chandler as “Lonzie”), at the 2017 Adequan Global Dressage Festival. […]

Chester Weber Kicks Off 2017 Combined Driving Season with a Victory at Little Everglades CAI2*

Our advisory board is off to an amazing start this year… and Chester Weber is among those who have been victorious so far this season! (courtesy of JRPR) Ocala, FL (February 4, 2017) – Team Weber opened the 2017 combined driving season with a victorious performance in the Little Everglades CAI2* on January 26-29 in […]

In the Spirit of Christmas… the Draped in Health Blanket Giveaway!

We had so much fun giving away our Kentucky Derby themed shoulder wrap that we’re doing it again with a blanket! So, in the spirit of Christmas giving, goodwill towards all, and most importantly health and healing… I bring you the Draped in Health Blanket Giveaway! Our Draped in Health (DIH) Blankets are a stand […]

OTTB LOVER ALERT: We’re giving away a Kentucky Derby Themed Shoulder Wrap!

We saw this fabric and knew we had to do something with it… And now we’re giving it away! We’re kicking off the holiday season with a gift that’s perfect for anyone who’s ever loved an off the track thoroughbred (OTTB). Our Kentucky Derby themed shoulder wrap has a beautiful derby print on one side […]

Quarter Sheet Time!

Fall in New England means chilly temperatures, beautiful foliage, and freshly clipped horses. Even for those whose show season ends after September, body clipping can be a useful and necessary step to keeping horses comfortable during the finicky fall weather. My big gelding is and always has been a sweater – he’s in  full work […]

Draper Therapies Advisory Board Member Katherine Bateson-Chandler Named to The Dutta Corp. U.S. Dressage Team to Compete in CHIO Aachen Nations Cup

Katherine Bateson-Chandler and AlcazarPR by JRPR Inc. Aachen, Germany (June 30, 2016) – International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Katherine Bateson-Chandler has been named to The Dutta Corp. U.S. Dressage Team with Jane F. Clark’s Alcazar to compete in the FEI Nations Cup competition at the World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen in Aachen, Germany. […]

Draper Therapies Annual Shut Down: July 4-8

The time has come one again for Draper Therapies annual shut down/vacation! We will be closed the first week of July (7/4-7/8). No orders will be shipped during that time BUT the product manager will be available by e-mail/Facebook message. Orders can still be placed while the office is closed and will be shipped when […]

Canine Arthritis: Meet Joe Black

If you have had dogs for long enough, chances are you’ve witnessed the inevitable slow-down that comes with age. Old injuries are exacerbated by old age and arthritis leads to limited mobility and discomfort. There’s no getting around it: age catches up with even the healthiest companions. Most owners accept the challenges that come with […]

Draper Therapies Advisory Board Member Katherine Bateson-Chandler Continues Successful European Tour in United Kingdom

Provided by JRPR Inc. – Hartpury, Great Britain (June 20, 2016) – United Kingdom native Katherine Bateson-Chandler returned to her roots this summer to compete with her top mount at some of Europe’s most prestigious dressage shows. Now an American citizen, Bateson-Chandler represented the U.S. on a Nations Cup team earlier this summer at the […]

Draper Therapies Advisory Board Member Chester Weber Tops International Leader Board at Drebkau CAI 3*

PR by JRPR Inc. – Drebkau, Germany (June 20, 2016) – Thirteen-time Four-in-Hand U.S. National Champion combined driver Chester Weber drove his way to the top of the coveted international podium in Drebkau, Germany this weekend by winning the CAI 3* competition. Once again proving himself worthy of his merited nickname “Mr. Dressage,” Weber took […]

We’re Supporting Small, American Business.

Draper Therapies is proudly made in the USA... but what exactly does that mean? Conventional Knitting Department at Draper Knitting Co Draper Therapies is just a small part of the Draper Knitting Company, a 160 year old textile company in Canton, MA. Draper Knitting makes the fabric that goes into the Draper Therapies products, which [...]

Calling all Trail Riders: Draper Therapies to Sponsor Top Trail Horse Monthly Challenge

Do you trail ride for fun? Are you interested in recording your miles and competing for high-mileage horse and rider awards? Would you like to contribute trail data that can be used to arm trail advocacy groups as they work to open new and preserve established equestrian trails? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you […]

Representing the Red, White, and Blue: Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Alcazar To Represent Team USA at Nations Cup CDIO3* Odense

Congratulations to Draper Therapies Advisory Board Member Katherine Bateson Chandler for being chosen to represent the USA at the CDIO3* in Odense! Wellington, Florida (April 22, 2016) — After completing a successful winter season at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida, Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Katherine Bateson-Chandler is headed to her […]

Draper Therapies Advisory Board Member Todd Minikus Named to Short List for 2016 U.S. Olympic Show Jumping Team

Wellington, Florida (April 20, 2016)– As an elite resource for the innovative therapeutic company Draper Therapies, Todd Minikus provides insight that assists the company in staying at the forefront of producing effective holistic products for horses, canines, and humans. In exchange for Minikus’ perspective and feedback from the top of the sport of show jumping, […]

Draper Advisory Board Member Michael Tokaruk Earns Leading Open Jumper Rider Bonus at Pin Oak Charity Horse Show

Draper Advisory Board Member Michael Tokaruk has been having a wonderful 2016! After a great trip to the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), Michael and his team at Tokaruk Show Stables have continued their winning ways at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. Congratulations to Michael, his clients, and his fantastic string of horses!     […]

Draper Therapies’ Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Alcazar Brave the Heat and Dance to Victory in CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle

Our Advisory Board is made up of many professional equestrians who are competing at the top of their sport, so being in the winner’s circle isn’t foreign to them. We are very happy to have Katherine Bateson Chandler representing us in the Dressage ring – she is an amazing rider and horsewoman. Alcazar is a […]

Welcome to the New Draper Therapies Website!

If you’re reading this, then you already know…. Draper Therapies has a new look! We have switched our website platform, which means now you can shop and read the blog in one place. We have also made the website run faster and have given our product pages a new look (bigger, easier to read text […]

See You Around! Draper Therapies Fall Event Schedule

Fall is our favorite time of the year – the leaves change, the weather gets cooler, pumpkin-flavored everything comes back into season… and then there’s fall events! Here’s where we’ll be this fall. New England Dressage Association Fall Festival – Sept. 17-20   Saugerties, NY Woofstock Dog Festival – Sept. 26   Hudson, MA Western New […]

5 Things to Bring When You’re Camping With Your Horse

I’m getting ready to leave for a camping trip with my horses, and this year in addition to my seasoned 20 year old trail horse, I have my two younger boys in tow to give Ridge a much-needed break after some long days on the trail. In addition to updating my packing list to take […]

A Clear Victory for Todd Minikus at the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ in Hickstead

Courtesy of JRPR Inc. Hickstead, Great Britain (July 31, 2015)— Two Swan Farm’s Babalou 41 has sailed over fences with Todd Minikus to prestigious victories in Wellington, Florida; at Spruce Meadows in Alberta, Canada; then on to serve as the Traveling Reserve for the U.S. Pan American Games Jumping Team in Toronto, Canada— all within […]

Travel, Rehab or Show – Keep Legs Looking and Feeling Great!

I’ve blogged about my super sensitive thoroughbred mare, Katie, a few times.  Our history is kind of interesting – she was the first horse I leased when I was young, then a friend bought her and they dabbled in dressage, trails, and jumping for a while before eventually she was given to a woman who […]

We Put the “Nap” in “Nap Blanket”

True story. I have several Draper blankets, including the travel blanket, the neck blanket, and my favorite the nap blanket (in couch size please!). Of course I love all of them, but recently I figured out just how great the nap blanket really  is. I’ve used it when I’ve been sick or sore from riding […]

Keeping Your Horse Cool and Loose in Summer

As the days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and we’re starting to feel the difference in the sun. Pretty soon we’ll be in the middle of summer, and keeping horses cool as well as their muscles loose and helping them warm up and cool down for exercise and horse shows becomes a challenge. […]

Returning Horses to Work in Rehab

Some of you may have read and followed the stories of my two OTTBs last year when they had suffered major injures in our Rehabilitate & Recover series of blog posts. Since winter has finally broken here in the Northeast, we’re getting back to riding with a focus on rehabilitation now that the initial phases […]

Draper Therapies Advisory Board Update: Rebecca Hart and Schroeter’s Romani Consistent at Mulhouse CPEDI3*, Kicking Off European Tour With Triad of Top Three Finishes

Draper Therapies is proud to support both riders and horses competing  in a variety of disciplines worldwide. Our Advisory Board helps us spread the word about Celliant®, educate new people about Draper Therapies products, and even design new products. We are always happy to see our board members doing well in all their equestrian endeavors. Congratulations to Rebecca Hart on […]

Easing the Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Horses

Recently, my Selle Francais gelding was diagnosed with long-term, low-grade chronic Lyme disease. We knew he had been infected for a minimum of 5 months, but think it could have been as long as 2+ years. He was never really symptomatic, but his negative personality traits had become more pronounced over the years. We had […]

Customer Story: Morgan and Galactic

I received an e-mail from Morgan a few weeks ago about her horse, Galactic, and it was just too good not to share! Morgan and Galactic’s story is below, as told by Morgan herself.  I will never get tired or stop being impressed by the wonderful success stories of customers and their animals using, enjoying, and […]

Remember the Time I Polo Wrapped the Dog? The Incredibly Diverse Polo Wrap

  I’ve known for awhile that polo wraps can be used for so much more than protecting a horses legs from bumps. When I was a kid, my fellow barn brats and I would wrap them around our own legs if we forgot our half chaps to protect our skin from pinches and rubs. I’ve […]

Rolex Recap #RK3DE

Rolex 2015 was an interesting year, to say the least. The weather was beautiful for every day except cross country, and the rain on Saturday certainly had an impact on horses and riders alike. The jog on Wednesday was filled with beautifully turned out horses and riders, under a sunny Kentucky spring day which made […]

An Ode to Barn Dogs

I grew up with dogs all around me – my own family dog, Kassidy, was a grumpy, loving and loyal Bichon Frise. My extended family had Goldens and Shepherds. My barn family had everything you could imagine – from Kody, the unbelievably smart German Shepherd, to KC, the search and rescue yellow lab, to Alice, […]

2015 Best Foot Forward Award Winners at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, Wellington FL

Here at Draper Therapies, we believe riding, wellness, and feeling great is for everyone – horses, riders, trainers, grooms, dogs, ring stewards, judges, secretaries, handlers- regardless of riding style, breed of horse, education, heritage, or budget. That’s why we do our very best to bring you products that are able to be used on a […]

The Struggle Is Real

At least it is if you are part of my animal family, where the new Sit Stay Forever Draper Bolster Dog bed just became the most coveted seat in the house. It seems my crew has changed the motto from Sit Stay Forever to Sit Stay WAR! Everyone wants to be in this bed, and […]

Falling on Solid Ground

Finally, it’s spring.  Everybody who has been slammed with winter is SO excited for the warm weather and ground thawing out.  I have to say, while I’m excited to get this snow off the ground and see temperatures above 35 degrees, I have a little problem with the first few weeks of spring. Every year, […]

Relief for the Achy Rider

I am going to start off by saying I’m not old. I am a healthy 28 year old who rides at least one horse every day and has for the past twenty-something years. I jump 2-3 per week, usually on my own horse who takes good care of me, but we are finally reaching a […]

Canine Corner: New Draper Therapies Bolster Bed

Sometimes picking the right product for your dog is tricky. When it comes to dog beds, dog owners have seemingly limitless options. Since your dog can’t tell you his or her preferences, we often rely on our own standards of comfort to decide what type of bed is best. If you and your dog have […]

Why Every Horse Owner Should Know How to Standing Wrap

Standing wraps – some people love them and some people love to hate them. Whether you’ve never wrapped an equine leg or you’re practically a professional wrapper, the fact is that at some point in your life with horses you will have to wrap. I can hear the groans already – “My horse doesn’t work […]

Is It Spring Yet?

Those of us in the Northeast are SO done with winter. We’ve been dealing with sub-zero wind chills as we’ve dutifully fed horses, picked stalls, layered on blankets and groomed our loyal steeds. It’s been very hard to keep any sort of consistent riding program going – even for those of us blessed with indoor […]

Draper Therapies Goes to Wellington – “Becky has left the building!”

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, when the weather gets miserable  a little chilly up here in New England, the equestrian show circuit moves south. Since we are mainly an equestrian-focused company, we too must run screaming shift our marketing efforts south. Becky Draper Therapies is happy to announce that we will be attending […]

Customer testimonial: Dealing with a Horse’s “Fat Leg”

The dreaded fat leg. You know the one I’m talking about. It shows up out of no where. There is no heat, no pain (other than the pain of trying to get rid of it), no discomfort at all. The fat leg that taunts you by going down just enough to give you hope that […]

Keeping Healthy and Safe during Winter Riding

When the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, equestrians are among the first to complain!  The horses get fuzzy, water buckets start to freeze, and nobody wants to ride if they’re frozen from the extra barn chores that winter brings with it.  Those of us on the east coast have had a rough January, […]

Surviving the “Dog” Days of Winter

Don’t let winter slow down your senior dog! Like humans, older dogs can suffer from joint pain and muscle pain. Cold winter weather exacerbates an elderly dog’s discomfort, making winter especially ruff *ahem* rough on our four legged friends. If it is too cold for you outside, it’s too cold for your pet. To protect […]

Welcome to the Advisory Board Todd Minikus and Lara Knight!

Draper Therapies is thrilled to add Todd Minikus and Lara Knight to our Advisory Board! Minikus, who rides show jumpers, began showing at the Grand Prix level in 1985, and his winning ways have continued into the present. His list of top accomplishments include: 1997 – winning $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational in Tampa, Florida 2001-  2001 wins included […]

Draper Therapies Home Office Closed Tuesday, January 26, 2015

Due to the blizzard hitting southern new England tonight-Wednesday morning, the Draper Therapies office will be CLOSED TOMORROW (Tuesday). Orders can still be placed through the website, and questions can be e-mailed (info@drapertherapies.com). Stay safe everyone!

How Do They Fit? Hock Boots

Buying garments online can be tricky – Does the product run big or small? How big is the model? If the product is adjustable, how adjustable? If the product is sized, does it run small or large?  These questions can have even the most determined shopper second guessing their order! As an avid equestrian and […]

Draper Therapies is a Proud Sponsor of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival

This year, Draper Therapies is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival (GDF). The Adequan Global Dressage Festival is the world’s largest international and national dressage circuit featuring 8 CDIs, including five CDI-Ws, one 4* and one 5*, the only non-championship CDIO Nations’ Cup in the Western Hemisphere, as well as weekly U.S. […]

Draper Therapies Office Closed 12/24 to 12/28 for Christmas Holiday

Just a reminder that Draper Therapies’ office will be closed Wednesday, December 24 until Monday, December 29. Please direct all questions/inquiries to info@drapertherapies.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Orders can still be placed through the website, however they will not be processed until Monday December 29. Happy Holidays!    

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Time is running out, with tomorrow, the 19th as the last day for standard shipping and Monday, the 22nd, at noon for rush shipping. But don’t worry, we have some great last minute gift ideas if you’re stuck in a pinch. From your dog to your horse, to family and friends, and even that hard-to-shop-for relative, […]

5 Tips for Successful Cold Weather Riding

When the mercury drops, many people head south for the winter but for those of you who aren’t “Snowbirds” and choose to stick it out like I do (I love the snow!), it’s important that both you and your horse are properly dressed for the elements. Depending on how cold it gets by you will […]

New Products, Great Gifts, and Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of year – the time of year when the mercury drops, decorations come out, and (for many of us anyway) there’s snow on the ground (yes, already!). It’s also the time of year when we have our Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Sale with some great deals and discounts, and new products to announce […]

Black Friday Sneak Peek!

Here at Draper we’re getting ready for the holidays, and kicking things off in style with some great sales and deals. We want everyone to be as cozy and comfortable for the holidays, and stay warm in the cold weather, as we are. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our recent blog post […]

5 Favorite Cold Weather Cozies

Depending on where in the country you live, you may be getting ready for cold weather, or it may have already hit. “Old Man Winter” came early this year, and while it looks like we’ll get a short break this weekend/next week, we all know that when winter comes, we need to be prepared. Staying […]

R&R Updates on Sky’s Suspenory Injuries

If you’re just joining us, welcome to the story of Lucky & Sky, the test subjects in the Rehabilitate & Recover program. The core focus of the R&R program is to educate equine professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, competitors, shippers, and others on the Draper Therapies products and how they work to help your horses […]


In observance of Columbus Day, Draper Therapies will be closed Monday, October 13th. Order can be placed through the weekend and holiday online, but will not be processed and shipped until Tuesday, October 14th. We apologize for any inconvenience. Have a wonderful weekend!

Riley Goes to Dock Dog World Championship

Riley and Brenda Halverson have worked hard all year to qualify for the Dockdog World Championships… and they did it! Though Riley is not a newcomer to the championships (he was 6th in 2012 and attended last year), qualifying unto itself is quite an accomplishment! Riley has qualified and will be competing in the Big Air […]

R&R: Lucky’s Progress

If you’re just joining us, welcome to the story of Lucky & Sky, the test subjects in the Rehabilitate & Recover program. The core focus of the R&R program is to educate equine professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, competitors, shippers, and others on the Draper Therapies products and how they work to help your horses […]

R&R: Sky’s Progress at Clermont’s NYEF

If you’re just joining us, welcome to the story of Lucky & Sky, the test subjects in the Rehabilitate & Recover program. The core focus of the R&R program is to educate equine professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, competitors, shippers, and others on the Draper Therapies products and how they work to help your horses […]

The Rehabilitate & Recover Program in the Treatment of Major Injuries

Welcome to the story of Lucky & Sky, the test subjects in the Rehabilitate & Recover program. The core focus of the R&R program is to educate equine professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, competitors, shippers, and others on the Draper Therapies products and how they work to help your horses recover after competitions for faster […]

The Beginnings of Recovery with R&R

Welcome to the story of Lucky & Sky, the test subjects in the Rehabilitate & Recover program. The core focus of the R&R program is to educate equine professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, competitors, shippers, and others on the Draper Therapies products and how they work to help your horses after competitions for faster recovery […]

The Power of Draper

When any horse is recovering from competition, active work, racing, or any other strenuous activity, muscle and joint recovery are key components. The sooner a horse can recover, the sooner they can return to active work, whatever their discipline. To that end, some products can be found in my barn at any time that I swear […]

2014 Fall Schedule

As most of you know, with horse shows the season is never REALLY over. That means our season isn’t over either! Here’s where you can find us this fall (horse shows, trade shows, and everywhere else!). 9/13-9/14: American Field, Boston MA “American Field is a pop-up exhibition & market featuring the best of U.S. made […]

Tip to Beat Summer Headaches

If you’re anything like me, chances are the heat can really get to you. Between hot humid weather in the north east, and a chronic tense back and neck, headaches pretty much go hand in hand with summer heat, and trust me, I’d rather it not. Headaches are tricky things. For such a common ailment, […]

RUS NY 2014 Fair Series Well Underway

Updates on the RUS New York 2014 Fair Series that Draper Therapies is sponsoring. Michelle Crawford wins 2nd leg at Afton Fair on Vassar Hall and Michelle Miller takes 3rd leg at Seneca County Fair on Kash Now.  The inaugural RUS New York 2014 Fair Series is now well underway with three of the six legs completed. […]

RUS NY 2014 Kicks Off Fair Series With a Great Race in Goshen

Draper Therapies is a proud sponsor of RUS New York’s 2014 Fair Series. RUS is a new style of racing where Standardbred horses are ridden rather than driven, while maintaining their race-speed trotting gait. The series kicked off this past Thursday, July 3rd, at Goshen Historic Track. Race recap below. The much anticipated RUS New […]

Draper Therapies Prizes Arrived!

CJ, our blogger and part of the Draper Therapies Team, also works with RUS New York, an exciting style of Standardbred racing where the horses are ridden rather than driven. Draper Therapies is proud to be a sponsor of the RUS New York 2014 Fair Series, and excited for the season to kick off this week! […]

Draper Therapies Annual Maintenance Shutdown Schedule

Draper Therapies will be conducting its annual maintenance shutdown June 28- July 6, 2014. During that time no orders will be processed, however orders can still be placed via the website and will be received in the office. Any orders placed before 9 am EST on June 27th will be shipped out; any orders placed after […]

Feel Great, Ride Better!

Meet Tyler, sporting a Draper Therapies saddle pad getting ready for a dressage clinic with CJ As with any sport, the better the athlete feels, the better they can perform. In riding, there’s an additional athlete to consider – the horse. Or, in some cases, the rider. How many times have you needed a chiropractor, […]

Quick Updates Before the Weekend

Hi all, CJ here. The weather out here has been crazy, going from rainy to stormy, with lots of humidity that makes my head hurt and my allergies go crazy. It’s been a long week, and I am looking forward to the weekend for sure. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few quick […]

Meet the Team: CJ Millar

Draper Therapies is very excited to have CJ Millar on board and blogging for us! She brings not only brings her online marketing skills, but also a life-long working knowledge and passion for all things equine to the table. Please join me in welcoming CJ to our blog!     -Becky Hi, all! For those […]

To Infinity and Beyond!

In the fall of 2012, Draper Therapies introduced the Infinity scarf, a scarf that has ends are sewn together to make a large ring of fabric which the wearer then loops around their neck.The idea behind the design was fairly simple; a scarf with no ends couldn’t be pulled or slip off, the wearer didn’t […]

Brenda Halverson and “Riley” Bring Draper Therapies to the World of Canine Sports!

We are very happy to welcome Brenda Halverson and Riley, her dock diving dog, to our Advisory Board.  In 2007 Brenda rescued a then 2 year old yellow Labrador named Riley after he was abandoned on the highway by his previous owner.  A month later it was discovered that he has canine epilepsy. Seizures are the most common […]

Draper Therapies is Knocking Your Socks Off at the 2014 Winter Equestrian Festival!

Draper Therapies is happy to announce that, in addition to being a sponsor of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) 2014, we will also be a vendor during weeks 6 and 12! “I am very excited to have this opportunity to be down there with the product,” says product manager Becky Shipps. “It will be a […]

Draper Therapies Welcomes Linda Caddel and Caddel Equine Therapy Center LLC to the Advisory Board

  We are very happy to welcome Linda Caddel and Caddel Equine Therapy to our Advisory Board. Linda and her husband Steve own and operate Caddel Equine Therapy Center, established in 1996, located 10 miles north of the Kentucky Horse Park. Linda grew up on her family’s grain and livestock farm in Iowa, the same farm […]

Visit Us at the 2013 American Association of Equine Practitioners Trade Show!

Draper Therapies is going to Nashville! Visit us December 8-10th at the 2013 American Association of Equine Practitioners Trade Show held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. Draper Therapies will be at booth #2223 so be sure to stop by to enter to win some great prizes! Rules and Conditions 1. Only one entry […]

‘Tis the Season!: Pet Holiday Photo Contest 2013

  Do you have a funny holiday picture of  your pet? Eating the Thanksgiving turkey, climbing the Christmas tree, raiding the holiday gifts, or simply dressed in their best for the season… We want to see it!  Send us your funniest holiday photo of  your pet for the change to win a Draper Therapies Gift […]

Recovery Techniques for Competing Athletes

We were recently approached by blogger and Associate Director of Internet Marketing at RIP-IT Sports Susan Murray about possible uses of Celliant for athletes who are recovering from competitions. Though Murray focuses on primarily softball and baseball, many of the recovery techniques for pain relief can be used for athletes in a variety of sports! Below is Murray’s […]

Rebecca Clawson wins the MHJ Adult Medal 18-30 Final Sponsored by Draper Therapies

The Massachusetts Hunter Jumper (MHJ) Finals were held on August 25th at Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax, Ma. With over 350 riders,  it was bound to be a great day with some tough competition! Riders from all over spent the past year working to qualify for the finals, competing in their respected divisions to take […]

Canine Photo Contest Winners Announced- May be Too Cute For Some Viewers!

We would like to congratulate the grand prize winner of the Draper Canine Photo Contest, Miller! Miller, a black lab from North Grosvenordale, CT and has won $300 worth of Draper products of his choice! This is what Miller’s owner had to say about him… “I adopted Miller 2 years ago from a local Doggie […]

Draper Therapies Goes to Fieldstone Show Park to Host the MHJ Adult Medal Finals

Located only 28 miles south of Boston in Halifax, Massachusetts is Fieldstone Show Park (FSP). On 100 acres, this premier equestrian facility hosts 4 weeks of “AA” and 4 star rated USEF events with $500,000 worth of prizes and prize money each season. With five, all-weather rings, an all-grass Grand Prix field, new VIP and […]

Announcing Draper Therapies Canine Photo Contest

Do you have a favorite picture of a canine companion? Sleeping, playing, eating… whatever your canine companion likes to do we want to see it. Send us your favorite canine photo for the change to win $300.00 USD worth of Draper Therapy products!  Once winner and one runner up will be chosen. Any questions? Feel […]

New Additions to the Advisory Board

As the horse world evolves and changes, so must Draper Therapies. One of the ways we help ourselves stay current with the demands of today’s horsemen is through our advisory board – a collection of top riders, trainers, and equine professionals who help us not only promote our products, but also design (or redesign), improve, […]

Meet Our New Intern Jennifer!

This summer Draper Therapies has an intern! Jennifer Zonghetti will be helping Becky, the product manager, around the office and at events this summer.  “I am currently a junior at Johnson and Wales University majoring in Equine Business Management with concentrations in psychology and career writing,” says Jennifer. “I am also a member of the […]

Out and About!: Saratoga Springs Horse Show 2013

                           It is with great pleasure that Draper Therapies is announcing its sponsorship of the Saratoga Springs Horse Show for 2013. The Saratoga Springs Horse Show has been running consecutively since 1960. It is the first outdoor USEF AA Rating and USEF Jumper 4 rating […]

Changes to Draper Therapies

A note from Kristin Draper, President of Draper Therapies and Draper Knitting Company. “It is with mixed emotions that I am to announce the departure of Kat Wojtylak from Draper Therapies and Draper Knitting Company.  Kat’s last day here at Draper will be December 7th, 2012. The exciting part is that Kat is moving on […]

Off to England!

This is a very exciting blog post that we get to share with everyone as we’re headed off to London later this evening. This trip signifies a lot of hard word and determination when it comes to getting worldwide recognition of our products. Not that we need that of course, but we thought we should […]

Equine Wellness Symposium

Don’t miss out on the Equine Wellness Symposium, August 18-19, 2012, proudly produced by Hassler Dressage at Riveredge. Amateurs and industry professionals alike have much to gain from this informative, 2-day symposium! They have invited top experts in their fields to speak on a wide array of topics ranging from Joint Management and Supplementation, Preventative […]

Scavenger Hunt at the Blenheim Palace

Draper Therapies is a  promoting health and wellness to horses and riders worldwide. Their mission is to bring American made and proven holistic products from our family to yours. This year at the 2012 Fidelity Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials we are super excited to be offering the Draper Therapies Best Foot Forward Scavenger Hunt […]

How Products Are Made- Part III

A few months ago we introduced this series, How Products Are Made, following up with the post How Products Are Made-Part II sharing with you how Draper is turning raw materials into the finished goods that are in your home or at your barn. Our focus being that we’re bringing high quality, US made and […]

Draper Steps Up As A Sponsor Of The 2012 Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials

Draper  is super pleased to announce they will be sponsors at the 2012 Fidelity Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials in Blenheim, England. You heard us right, off to England we go! The horse trials will take place September 6th to the 9th, following the London Olympics, with the famous Blenheim Palace as the backdrop for […]

Draper at the 2012 Devon Horse Show

This year marked the 116th year that the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair has been taking place in Devon, PA.  Surrounded by the suburbs of Philadelphia and the shopping mecca of King of Prussia, the fair and horse show are somewhat out of place, but can’t be pictured elsewhere once you’ve experienced it.  Offering […]

Draper’s Best Foot Forward Award at the Youth Dressage Festival

  We’re so  proud to announce that we’ll be presenting our Best Foot Forward Award during Lendon Gray’s Youth Dressage Festival, July 6-8, 2012 at HITS on the Hudson.  Riders who exhibit outstanding attitude and effort towards putting their best foot forward will be recognized and awarded. Here at Draper, we’re dedicated to giving back […]

How Products Are Made- Part II

A few months ago we introduced this series, How Products Are Made-Part I, sharing with you how Draper is turning raw materials into the finished goods that are in your home or at your barn. Our focus being that we’re bringing high quality, US made and proven holistic products from our family to yours. This […]

Best Foot Forward Awards During the 2012 Sonoma Horse Park Season

    Draper will be sponsoring their famed, “Best Foot Forward” Award during the 2012 Sonoma Horse Park Show Season. As a Platinum sponsor, Draper will not only sponsor the “Best Foot Forward” Award but will also be the title sponsor of three Child/AA Jumper Classics during the season. We’re very excited to be part […]

Fairy Tale Comes True For Horse And Rider As They Win “Draped In Draper”

Michigan high school senior Abbey Good isn’t the only one who is thrilled to have won the 2012 “Draped In Draper” contest- designed to “drape” one winning horse in products from Draper Therapies. Good’s horse, Stork, is the recipient of $1,100 in product because his human owner, Abbey, entered the contest that was held in […]

Proudly Announcing Our Newest and Youngest Advisory Board Member, Madeline Backus

We are very proud to welcome event rider Madeline Backus of Larkspur, Colorado, to serve on our ever growing Advisory Board. We rely on competitive riders such as Backus to represent our company and stand behind our full line of products. Madeline, age fifteen, is the youngest member of the Draper Equine Therapy Advisory Board.  […]

Bringing “Happy Feet” to Jersey

Last year we introduced the “Happy Feet” program at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, and had major success with it! You can read more about last year’s course walk with Eric Dierks here. We decided to combine forces with avid Draper fans, to bring the “Happy Feet” promotion to an event near you and more […]

We’ll Be Closed 3/26-3/31

Draper Knitting and Draper Therapies are embarking on our own great adventure! We are upgrading our entire in-house software system to something that will make us more modern and efficient. With this new system, we are looking forward to processing information, streamlining manufacturing and serving our customers even better than we could have imagined! In […]

How Products Are Made- Part I

Have you ever wondered how the Draper Therapies products that end up on your body and your horse are actually made? How does that process even start? Well I’m glad you asked, because I’m here to walk you through the steps of turning raw materials into the finished goods that are  in your home or […]

Lunching and Learning

We had a wonderful time lunching and learning with everyone who showed up to our very informal, Lunch and Learn Seminar held on January 26th. The Draper Lunch and Learn seminar featured Sheri-lyn Traylor, the editor and art director for BellaDog Magazine, and more importantly, a very good friend of ours. Sheri spoke to a […]

NEW Product: Draper Equine Therapy® Heavyweight Turnout Blanket

Here at Draper Equine Therapy®, we’re proud to announce the release of our newest product for your horse, the Draper Equine Therapy Heavyweight Turnout Blanket. Designed to provide a temporary increase in local blood flow, as well as aid in thermoregulation in cooler temperatures, the Draper Equine Therapy Heavyweight Turnout Blanket does it all. The […]

Florida Sun Brings Smiles and the Best Foot, Forward

Riders with a positive attitude and a smile on their face make the show world a far better place, and we here at Draper Equine Therapy®, we  are looking to reward those riders by proclaiming they are putting their “best foot forward.” We will be sponsoring the Draper “Best Foot Forward” Award each week during […]

Draped in Draper

One lucky grand prize winner will find themselves decked out from head to toe in therapeutic products from us in 2012, thanks to the “Draped In Draper” raffle. The raffle will take place during the Winter Equestrian Festival and Global Dressage Festival, where owners, trainers, grooms and horse enthusiasts attending the shows can all enter […]

New Year, New Resolutions

Every year we get wrapped into the idea of starting the year off fresh and accomplishing at least one thing we set our minds to. But how often do we actually meet our New Year’s Resolutions? After reading about people already starting to make their lists for the New Year, I did some research to […]

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Thanksgiving is over and that means it’s the crazy, heartwarming, fun-filled month of holiday everything. We all celebrate the holidays a bit differently, church services, visiting with family, dinner parties, decorating, baking cookies and/or shopping; but regardless, it’s about coming together and being with the ones we love and going above and beyond. As many […]

NEW Product: Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Coat

We are SUPER proud to announce a new product for man’s best friend that will give  four-legged companions something new to bark about. Our new Dog Coats are available in a lightweight breathable design, offering a convenient way to deliver therapeutic benefits to your favorite pooch. Yay! We gave our newsletter subscribers a chance to […]


What???? Do you give up yet? Well here’s what we’re really up to! We’re flying down to San Antonio, Texas for the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Annual Convention. Each year hundreds of local and international equine practitioners flock to the annual convention because they are given the opportunity to advance their medical skills, […]

Hats Off to Equine Affaire!

We had a blast at Equine Affaire!!! We met so many amazing people and realized we should be starting a horse hat business on the side 🙂 Aside from that we thought we should share pictures from our adventures because after all, we learned a ton and had a great time. That’s what Equine Affaire […]

Equine Affaire Version 2.0

Are you intrigued?       How about now?   Last year we decided just to go and walk Equine Affaire. We donned some pretty awesome white wigs and this year we decided to step it up. We’ll be handing out some equally as fantastic goodies, but with improved outfits. This picture is of Wendy […]

NEW Product: Draper Equine Therapy® Stable Sheet

Our new Draper Equine Therapy® Stable Sheet is not only stylish and offers excellent therapeutic benefits for your favorite equine, but it’s also so much more than your average horse ware! We’re proud to announce that our new Stable Sheet fits the Draper standards of high quality, American-made items that are best of all, clinically […]

NEDA Fall Symposium

The NEDA (New England Dressage Association) Fall Symposium and Awards Banquet featuring Kyra Kyrkland will kick-off on Saturday, November 5th, with demonstrations from various horse and rider combinations with a chance for Kyra to comment and answer questions throughout the weekend. Kyra is a world renowned dressage rider and trainer bringing immense knowledge and experience […]

Tailgating Success!

Holy awesomeness we had such an amazing time for the Grand Opening of Wegmans here to open their 79th store in New England (finally). Here’s a photo recap of what the weekend was all about! We had a blast at Wegmans and my father who came up from NYC especially for some hometown favorites stayed […]

Wegmans Tailgating Party!

We are now just nine days away from the first Wegmans opening here in MA! For those of you who wonder what Wegmans is and why our company is talking about it, let me explain…. Our blog post We <3 Wegmans, explains the whole story, but to shorten it for everyone, here is the condensed […]

Good Times and Great Smiles at Devon

Here we are just a few days after Dressage at Devon and we can’t stop talking about the awesome time we had, even the rain storms couldn’t wipe our smiles away! DAD provided so much this year that was interactive and fun on so many levels. We took part in the educational seminar’s hosted by […]

Dressage at Devon

We are headed off to Dressage at Devon and love the fact that fall is in the air! Not to mention, we get to head back to Pennsylvania to see our friends and have a good ‘ol time handing our out Best Foot Forward Award. But what is Dressage at Devon you ask? Glad you […]

NEDA Fall Festival was a HIT(S)

The awesome NEDA (New England Dressage Association) Fall Festival and Regional Championships for 2011 was held in conjunction with the last HITS Show (Horse Shows In the Sun) weekend in Saugerties, NY. Typically this show is all rain and very little sun, and true to that statement, we received some rain. For most of the […]

NEDA Fall Festival with Draper Awards!

We are getting the van packed with all sorts of goodies to show off and sell during the NEDA‘s (New England Dressage Association) Fall Festival, and couldn’t be more excited about spending some quality time in Saugerties, NY- an absolutely gorgeous area when it’s not down pouring rain! We’ll have a booth setup in the […]

$500 in FREE Product Giveaway

You heard it right folks! We’re giving away $500.00 USD worth of FREE Draper Therapies products. It’s super easy! All you have to do, is make sure you signup for our mailing list. Head on over to the Draper Therapies website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and opt in. If you of […]

Made in USA Giveaways!

Through the month of August, Draper Therapies will be giving away American Flag Blankets (pictured above) in celebration of our heritage and our 100% USA made product line. All of our followers on Twitter and Facebook will be eligible. These snuggly throws are made by our parent company, Draper Knitting, in Massachusetts (and do not […]

August 2011 Newsletter

Well if launching our new website wasn’t cool enough, we went ahead and completely revamped our monthly newsletter as well! Chock full of great information, testimonials, great deals and more, it’s something not to be missed. Take a look here to view what our first edition looks like: Draper Therapies August 2011 Newsletter Want to […]

The Technology Explained

Ever wondered what our spiel on our Draper Therapies products sounded like? Well listen to this great interview from the science man over at Celliant, David Horinek: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjhSBhIQqQw]

Making a Difference

Hopefully many of you already know that the Draper Philanthropy Project is something that is very near and dear to our hearts, if not, well then you must go check it out! This project tells the story about different cancers and the way in which they affect people, mainly focusing on orphan cancers that affect […]

The Rumors are True!

The rumors are true…we have officially launched our new website! On the new site you’ll find so much to get into, but in short, all of our social media is integrated making it easy to follow our blog and updates along with everything we’re doing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The upgraded website also features […]

July 4th Shutdown

Every year our mill gets shutdown for the week of July 4th. It’s a great opportunity to give all our hardworking employees a break, but also gives the machines at Draper Knitting Company (our parent company) a good rest and recoup. We also accomplish a lot behind the scenes, the boss’ come in to cleanup […]

Pet Firework Fears

In my household, I have a cat who absolutely hates fireworks, thunderstorms and all loud, rumbly noises, so when I came across an article relating to pet firework fears, I was all over it. The article courtesy of Paw Nation, shared tips on preparing for the festivities of next Monday with inclusion of cats, dogs […]

Dozer the Dog

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo4MPO0TmXU&feature=player_embedded] This morning I was going through all the publications we happen to get sent each month and I came across an article called Amazing Race in this month’s Cesar’s Way Magazine. Cesar Millan the extremely well known and sought after Dog Whisperer, practices achieving balance between people and dogs, with Cesar’s Way Magazine extending […]

Equine Therapy Seminar

Equine Physical Therapy Seminar Benefitting the Equine Athlete with Ground Breaking Physical Therapy Featuring Narelle Stubbs PhD and Nicole Rombach, MS July 23, 2011 Seminar 9am-3:30pm July 24, 2011  Individual Treatment Sessions  Hassler Dressage is proud to bring the expertise of equine physiotherapists Dr. Narelle Stubbs and Nicole Rombach to the equestrian community of the […]

July 4th Sweets on the Brain

It’s hard to imagine the 4th of July weekend is just about here. Most of us are running around wondering what to make for our picnics and parties in celebration of our independence and country. These little creations featured on behalf of the blog, My Juice Cup  are called cake balls or also known as […]

We <3 Wegmans

I’ve been waiting for the day when I’d get to start talking about Wegmans on a blog, actually to be honest, just mention anything food and I’ll mention Wegmans a hundred times in any given situation with a giant smile. And now I’ve gotten all of Draper hooked. It’s an addiction, but a healthy one… […]

Horses for Heroes

Independence Day aka the 4th of July is a huge holiday for our company. Not only do we acknowledge all the service men and women who have given us our freedom, but it’s a chance for us to honor our country. In an effort to not only support the US through US based manufacturing (which […]

Tami Hoag Shares Inspirational Tale

Draper Advisory Board Member, Dressage rider and New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag recently shared her insights on achieving personal and professional success on the Equesse Radio Show with Cynthia Royal and Leah Juarez. Equesse Radio, considered Horsepower for the Soul, captures the listener’s yearning to connect with horses through the stories of those […]

Whipped Cream Will Always Be White

You heard us correctly. When you say “Whipped Cream”, we’ll always yell WHITE…unless it’s to do with the fancy Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream called Cream which comes in all sorts of amazing flavors, but I digress. This whole thing Whipped Cream Will Always Be White started at the fabulous Bonefish Grill in Lexington, Kentucky where […]

NEW Product: Long Sleeved T-Shirts

We are proud to announce the addition of Men’s and Women’s Long Sleeved T-Shirts to our therapeutic line of body-centric clothes, supports and blankets. People all around the world have already discovered Draper products for horses, humans and dogs, and are thrilled that the products have been proven to provide a temporary increase in local […]

Equestrians Unite to Support Disaster Relief

Horse World Gives Back is bringing the horse world together in a fund raising drive to benefit the people and horses affected by the recent flooding and tornadoes all throughout the country. Let’s show the world the what a caring and compassionate people we are! Horse World Gives Back Retail Day June 7: Horse World […]

Devon Brings Smiles and Sunshine

We headed out to the Devon Horse Show in Devon, PA this past weekend to hand out the Draper Best Foot Forward Award. Here at Draper we’re dedicated to giving back to those who possess a positive attitude both in the show ring and out. Regardless if riders were on a winning streak, it was […]

A Winning Combination

Jamie Cohen Equine Sports Massage is proud to announce his partnership with Draper Equine Therapy, making their complete line of outstanding therapy products available to all of his clients. The team at Draper Equine Therapy is committed to helping riders worldwide discover the therapeutic benefits of increased local circulation and oxygenation and decreased recovery time […]

Rain Doesn’t Bring Us Down

This past weekend we took part in the NEDA (New England Dressage Association)’s Spring Show which was one of the first non-schooling shows of the season. NEDA is the largest single chapter American Dressage Organization, offering members top quality educational, competitive and scholarship opportunities which Draper Therapies is very excited to be a part of […]

“Happy Feet” at Rolex

Fans of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event who took part in the cross-country course walk sponsored by Draper Therapies with Erick Dierks are still raving about how much fun they had. They are also buzzing about the fact that at the culmination of the event, they had happy feet thanks to Draper Therapies giving each […]

Visit to Reekbok

As many of you are starting to learn we here at Draper are always up to something, and last week proved to be no exception. Reebok recently launched their new

Jamaica, 2008 Horse of the Year Retirment Ceremony

Draper Equine Therapy’s Advisory Board Member Chester Weber famous combined driving equine teammate Jamaica, will go down in history as an award winning horse known for his tale of being rescued from a slaughterhouse before going on to compete with Weber in international events, driving away with numerous USEF National Championships and earning the most […]

CAI Live Oak Combined Driving Event

Since the CAI Live Oak Combined Driving Event’s inception in 1993, this Event has become one of the premier Combined Driving Events in North America. The site of the Event is at Charlotte Weber’s pristine Live Oak Plantation, in Ocala, Florida, one of the South’s largest and most extensive Thoroughbred operations, spanning over 4,500 acres. […]

Fun Times to be had at Rolex Kentucky Event

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be a Contributing Sponsor of the world renowned Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event and offering a course walk with eventer Eric Dierks. Rolex, one of the most prestigious equestrian competitions, and the only CCI**** in the Western Hemisphere, Rolex annually attracts up to 100,000 spectators and millions more watch […]

Week 7 of the Wellington Equestrian Festival

This past weekend was definitely filled with a lot of excitement and a non-stop schedule in Wellington, FL. Draper Therapies is an official sponsor of the 2011 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival which is the longest running event in horse sports, a 12-week equestrian extravaganza held annually from January through April at the newly renovated Palm […]

Laura Munson Visits Wellington

In following up with our previous post, we had an absolutely wonderful time hosting Laura Munson, a NY Times Best Selling Author of the memoir, “This Is Not the Story You Think It Is: A Story of Unlikely Happiness” during the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival. On this past Thursday she participated in a Lunch and […]

Draper Therapies to Team Up with New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Munson

In April of 2010, Laura Munson published a memoir called “This Is Not the Story You Think It Is: A Story of Unlikely Happiness,” an instant hit among readers everywhere that turned into an international bestseller and landed on the New York Times bestseller list in its first week of publication. “This Is Not the […]

American Equestrian Trade Association’s Winter Fair

On January 27th, Draper Equine Therapy (more specifically Kat Wojtylak), headed to Oaks, PA which is just outside Philadelphia, for the American Equestrian Trade Association’s Winter Fair. The event took place January 29th- February 1st and gave retailers, catalogs and distributors a chance to learn more about the Draper products as well as all the […]

AAEP- Baltimore, MD

The ladies of Draper (Kat and Kristin) have been on the move and their trip to Baltimore, MD for the Annual Convention for AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) was nothing short of productive and a lot of fun! We had a a grand ol’ time with everyone that we met. It gave us the […]

The Ladies of Draper

When the ladies of Draper are involved, there is no telling what they may come up with next… Equine Affaire happened to be an absolute blast. We spent the whole day on November 12th (Friday) wandering around in our wigs. Of course we got a TON of stares, but what was the most fun was […]

Equine Affaire Here We Come!

Kristin and I have packed some really great prizes in anticipation of meeting some old friends, customers and new acquaintances. We’ll be giving away close to $1,500 worth of products AND dishing out coupons that will save you 20% on your next order! Spot the white wigged ladies of Draper at this year’s Equine Affaire […]

Equine Affaire

This year we will not be exhibiting at Equine Affaire due to the huge undertaking of the World Equestrian Games. Instead we have devised our own “game” for Equine Affaire happening in Springfield, MA November 11-14th. It is the Where’s Kristin and Kat? The Equine Affaire Challenge. We will be walking the show on Friday, […]

Syracuse Invitational

On a last minute whim Kat headed out to Syracuse, NY to walk the esteemed Syracuse Invitational. The event which is held in downtown Syracuse at the OnCenter Convention Center is a fun event where you’ll see many hunter/jumper athletes walking the streets of downtown to the competition ring which is normally an ice rink. […]

NEDA Fall Weekend Symposium

In an effort to further education in the sport of dressage, Draper has been lucky enough to sponsor NEDA (New England Dressage Association) at their Spring and Fall Educational Events in 2010. It was during Halloween weekend that NEDA hosted a clinic by husband and wife team, Steffen & Shannon Peters, to share their knowledge, […]

New Friends in Kentucky

It was such a whirlwind of activity at the World Equestrian Games and it brought together some of the most fabulous and fascinating people. We truly had a blast meeting everyone and having the opportunity to talk one on one with everyone. We were able to share some amazing stories; from things like using our […]

Tami Hoag at the World Equestrian Games

New York Times bestselling mystery writer Tami Hoag shared some of the mysteries of her life, her award-winning career and her life as a professional dressage rider during an educational seminar at the Draper Equine Therapy booth during the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Hoag serves on the Advisory Board for Draper Therapies, makers […]

Go Team Draper!

Chester Weber, Draper Equine Therapy Advisory Board Member scores a Team Silver during the Combined Driving Phase of the World Equestrian Games. We congratulate the whole group behind the amazing efforts that were put forth throughout this monumental event. Go Team Draper and Team USA!

Horse Radio Network

Glenn the Geek of Horse Radio Network popped over to the Draper booth at the World Equestrian Games two days in a row to not only talk about our socks, but also to pose with the camera! Glenn was able to keep Adrienne (pictured right in the lower photograph) and I up to date on […]

Way to go Selena!

Selena O’Hanlon and Colombo have proved every moment of their hard work by not only qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics, but with the spectacular rides at the World Equestrian Games, finished twelfth individually and brought home a Silver medal for Team Canada. We applaud them on their amazing ride to the top! (Photo Credit: […]

Eric Dierks- The Competitive Mindset

Draper Equine Advisory Board Member, Eric Dierks, took a moment out of his busy schedule while at the World Equestrian Games to talk about the competitive mindset and what it means to keep your head in the game. Everyone who stopped in was able to take away tidbits to help them keep cool, calm and […]

Palm Beach Equine/Dr. Scott Swerdlin

Dr. Scott Swerdlin, president of Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Wellington, Florida and Katy Equine Clinic in Brooksville, Texas will be doing a seminar on Therapeutic Options to Extend Your Horse’s Productive Show Life. The seminar will include a question answer session along with education on different procedures and therapies that help the modern day […]

We’ve Arrived!

So this photo might be a bit blurry, but look how beautiful! We’ve arrived on the first day of the World Equestrian Games with everything still quiet on this side of the Kentucky Horse Park. A beautiful sight to take in and enjoy. Also for your viewing pleasure, our new booth setup! The informative/lounge area […]

Schedule of Events

Here’s our most recent schedule for all activities that will be taking place at Draper Equine Therapy’s booth at the World Equestrian Games in Trade Show Village, Booth #119. We do apologize as a few of our presenters had to cancel due to illness or conflicting schedules, but don’t worry, we’ll still have a great […]

Charlotte Merle-Smith

Charlotte Merle-Smith has been a long time supporter of the Draper products and will be in our booth at WEG giving a presentation on “Everything Happens For a Reason: I Went from the Top, to the Bottom, and Back Up.” Charlotte started riding when she was just a mere seven years old and obtained her […]

Equestrian Aid Foundation

The Equestrian Aid Foundation (EAF) will have a beautiful silk scarf whose artwork was designed by Linda Luster featured in the Draper booth at WEG. This scarf specific to WEG will be sold for $100 , with 10% of its proceeds going directly to the Draper Philanthropy Project. The remaining proceeds from the sale of […]

Diane Barber

  Diane Barber will be leading several presentations on “Defying the Odds – A Second Chance for Soundness.” Diane is a dressage student of Spanish Olympian Rafael Soto, a contributing writer for Dressage Today magazine and a design and marketing entrepreneur.  She became an advocate of natural healing and alternative medicine after a 2-year successful […]

Kristen Hrdlicka

Photographer, Kristen Hrdlicka of Three Stride Studios will have a collection of photographs titled “Grass to Sky” on display in the Draper booth during WEG. 50% of the proceeds will benefit the Draper Philanthropy Project. In the words of Kristen: My first word was horse. This should have alerted my parents to my future endeavors, […]

HOOFix Raffle

Attendees will be asked to give their name, email address and phone number to enter in to drawing for free prizes from Plum Shade Farm.  Draper will provide raffle entry forms and a raffle box for all entrants.  Winner must claim their prize in person at the Draper booth, and will be contacted via email […]

Michael Tokaruk

Michael Tokaruk is tentatively scheduled to be in Draper’s booth during his visit to the World Equestrian Games to give a presentation on Presentation on the Approach to Winning in the Hunter/Jumper Ring. Michael began riding at the age of twelve in his native Canada. During his early years he took several working student positions […]

Eric Dierks

Eric Dierks, Draper Equine Advisory Board Member and Draper product enthusiast is tentatively scheduled to be in Draper’s booth to give an enlightening presentation on ”Competitive Sport and How it can Effect your Training and Overall Wellness of Both You and Your Horse”. Eric actively competes horses that he has started himself. Though always looking […]

Michele Hundt

Artist Michele Hundt specializes in Original Abstract Paintings, Figure Paintings, Equine Artwork and Impressions of the Moment of Now. She will have one of her gorgeous paintings on display in the Draper booth, which will also be for sale. Artist Michele Hundt is masterful in her bold use of striking contours and images. Working with […]

Tami Hoag

Tami Hoag, Draper Advisory Board Member, is scheduled to be in Draper’s booth to do a talk with the author session and will also be available to sign autographs at the end, a wonderful opportunity for avid reader! New York Times bestselling mystery writer Tami Hoag has a dual career as a suspense novelist and […]

Steve Teichman

Steve Teichman who will be visiting the Draper booth at some point during WEG and has been graciously been hosted by Plum Shade Farm. He will be answering any questions you may have on Hoof Care and with more that 25 years of hands-on horseshoeing experience in all facets of the farrier business, Steve lends […]

Booth Information

Here is an interactive guide to the Trade Show Village, giving you information on not only Draper Equine Therapy in Booth #119/#121, but also to all those other vendors that will be in attendance at the Kentucky Horse Park! Virtual Trade Show We’ve also went ahead and scanned layouts of the maps not only of […]

Chester Weber

Chester Weber is scheduled to be in Draper’s booth to answer any questions one may have and also sign autographs at the end of his session, a wonderful opportunity for any equine enthusiast! Chester Weber’s name has become synonymous with Four-In-Hand Combined Driving and his lists of accomplishments are long and newsworthy. In 2008, Chester […]

Art, Culture and Philanthropy

  In order to fully embrace every facet of the World Equestrian Games, it was our wish here at Draper to give a well rounded sense of culture during our Educational Days. Included in our booth will be a number of artists and companies who not only will have their beautiful pieces on display, but […]

Information Galore!

If seminars, presentations and autograph signings weren’t enough, we then made it possible for many companies, professionals, organizations and athletes to participate and bring their information all the way to Kentucky to take part in the Draper Educational Days at WEG. Below you will find all those gracious enough to provide us with information above […]

We’re Here!

We’ve just created a new website to launch the Draper Educational Days that will be taking place at the World Equestrian Games! Stay tuned as we’ll be doing biographies of all the professionals and athletes that are included in our star studded lineup, as well as a schedule of when everyone will be in the […]

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