Bringing “Happy Feet” to Jersey

Bringing “Happy Feet” to Jersey

2011 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Draper Course Walk with Draper Therapies

Last year we introduced the “Happy Feet” program at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, and had major success with it! You can read more about last year’s course walk with Eric Dierks here. We decided to combine forces with avid Draper fans, to bring the “Happy Feet” promotion to an event near you and more frequently in 2012.

The “Happy Feet” promotion stems from people noticing a definite difference from wearing socks created with Celliant, which is the basis for all the Draper Therapies products. We put them to the test at places where your feet are your main vehicle to get you around and need an extra “oomph.” So we started with one of the most rigorous walks you can do, that normally horses do instead, with the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Course Walk in 2011. People LOVED to walk the course, but we complaining of tired/sore/blistered/unhappy feet. And “Happy Feet” was born.

The 2012 Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event will be provided with the Draper “special socks” for all the competitors in attendance. This event will mark the final stop for the London 2012 Olympic Trials and will have exciting events taking place all weekend including a joust, craft fair and patriotic tribute. We encourage all those who receive a pair of socks to try a single sock from a pair to wear during their course walk(s) and see the immediate results that the Draper products can offer for “Happy Feet.”

We hope everyone has fun and wish for “Happy Feet” for all! Good luck!

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