Equine Affaire Version 2.0

Equine Affaire Version 2.0

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How about now?


Last year we decided just to go and walk Equine Affaire. We donned some pretty awesome white wigs and this year we decided to step it up. We’ll be handing out some equally as fantastic goodies, but with improved outfits. This picture is of Wendy and I (from the front) as what we’ll look like as we’re walking around. The picture below is what we’ll look like from the back, even though I’ve decided to sport some green wings as I want to go as Wendy’s horse fly.

We’ll be at the show all day on November 11th in Springfield, MA. So if you spot us, come say hi as friends, customers and new acquaintances! We’ll be giving away close to $1,500 worth of products AND dishing out coupons that will save you 20% on your next/first order! We look forward to having a blast with all of you again 🙂

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