Rolex Recap #RK3DE

Rolex Recap #RK3DE

Rolex 2015 was an interesting year, to say the least. The weather was beautiful for every day except cross country, and the rain on Saturday certainly had an impact on horses and riders alike. The jog on Wednesday was filled with beautifully turned out horses and riders, under a sunny Kentucky spring day which made for some great photos.

Selena Jog Rolex
Selena O’Hanlon and Foxwood High, photo credit Cindy Lawler


We were there to cheer on Draper Therapies rider Selena O’Hanlon who had a lovely dressage round and a solid XC round until the slickness of the footing caught up to them and Selena opted to retire Woody on course (we agree, Selena! the footing really was deteriorating quickly as the day went on).

Selena dresage Rolex 2015
Selena and Woody sporting their Draper Therapies dressage saddle pad in the show ring at Rolex

While it wasn’t the result Selena had hoped for, it was a very wise decision as the day was riddled with slips and slides and falls of horses and riders. The wet conditions made for footing that was tricky and slick in some areas, and deep and mucky in others, and neither were ideal by any means. As huge fans of Selena’s horse Woody (Foxwood High), we’re happy that they are both safe and sound and looking ahead to the next event down the road.

Selena XC Rolex 015
Woody jumping into the water element with Selena, wearing his Draper Therapies jumping saddle pad, of course!


We had a chance to catch up with Selena, and I have to say that she is personally one of my favorite riders (CJ blogging here). She’s so nice and personable and always is focused on the care and wellbeing of her horses, which makes her a great horse person as well as an incredible rider. She spent much of her time between rides at Rolex meeting with fans and singing autographs all around the horse park. And of course, we believe for Selena and the rest of the Draper Therapies team, the best is yet to come! Good luck Selena and Woody as you continue on the road to the Pan Am games and the Olympics!

And just in case you weren’t sure how much Selena and her team love the Draper saddle pads, here’s a photo of some well loved equipment, for sure!

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