Hats Off to Equine Affaire!

Hats Off to Equine Affaire!

We had a blast at Equine Affaire!!! We met so many amazing people and realized we should be starting a horse hat business on the side 🙂 Aside from that we thought we should share pictures from our adventures because after all, we learned a ton and had a great time. That’s what Equine Affaire is all about!

Wendy and I playing around with dimensions in the Classic Equine Equipment booth! We sported our fancy hats all day long and REALLY got noticed!
Wendy and her new friend Jennifer with the equally as awesome straw version of our hats!
Kat in the Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue booth with her friend who has long ears too!
Working on my awful balance at the Balance Rider booth. I already sit on an exercise ball at work, but this is pretty cool!
Our new friend at the USEF booth, he couldn't wait to have his picture taken with two awesome horses...ladies!
Going a little crazy after being locked up indoors all day!
Karin and Kat donning their hats in the NEDA Booth. Anything to help get our wonderful organization noticed! FYI Kat and Karin both sit on the NEDA Board.

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