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Tailgating Success!

Holy awesomeness we had such an amazing time for the Grand Opening of Wegmans here to open their 79th store in New England (finally). Here’s a photo recap of what the weekend was all about!

4:00am arrival showed a parking lot that included overnight campers (in tents and in RV's)
4:15am In speaking with security to let them know what we were doing, we found these enthusiastic people who had been there since 5:00pm on Saturday. Now THAT'S dedication!
5:00am Wegmans Grand Opening Banner which took some special taping to stay up all day!
5:15am Wegmans Tailgating spread, complete with Wegmans products snagged from my home with hot beverages and homemade treats!
6:30am a Colonial marching band to welcome New Englanders, complete with muskets that are firing off and booming!
6:45am the line to get in stretches on ONE side all the way down to the corner of this plaza!
7:30am Kristin Draper (our President) sporting her tailgating uniform inside Wegmans once it's opened.

We had a blast at Wegmans and my father who came up from NYC especially for some hometown favorites stayed till 3:00pm talking to everyone! But if you want something to help prolong your excitement for Wegmans, and get out on the trails during this fabulous autumn we’re having!

Thanks everyone for an amazing time!!!

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