Here at Draper Therapies, we are committed to bringing forth relationships that further solidify our Draper Dogma which goes well beyond making sales. We are a team, but also friends who embrace the Draper Dogma, as it’s not only a part of who we are professionally, but personally as well. We found something we were passionate about and something we could speak honestly and openly about. That’s who we’re looking to work with on an individual basis or in the scheme of a larger business model, to help shape us as a company by growing together.

This section will feature positions that are currently available with our company and if you have any questions about something that may not be listed, please contact us as we’re always willing to answer any and all questions!

Sales Representative

All Areas Worldwide

To us the term sales representative can be used loosely as to embrace a certain enthusiastic person who strongly believes in our products. This person could be someone such a massage therapist who wants to carry some inventory in the back of their vehicle to sell to their clients and make a profit. Or it would be someone who has been in the industry of sales for a long time and has contacts with local retail outlets who would want to be the liaison to introducing our line and help solidifying our place out in the marketplace. We will work with everyone as an individual and are open to new ideas in helping to get our products more easily into our customer’s hands.


All Areas Worldwide

We are looking for retail outlets who either know the alternative therapy market, or who have had prior experience with our products. Whether it’s online shopping areas or marketplace shops, we’re open to adding new ways to deliver therapy. Retail outlets at this time are being preferred as we’ve come to learn that customers who are able to touch and feel the products are more apt to follow through and become hooked. We do allow for drop shipping as to help establish the Draper products with your customers.


International Destinations

Looking to expand upon our exporting of high quality and cutting edge products in the international scene. Would like to see dedicated people in the alternative therapies markets who are able to be the liaison for retail outlets in an international destination.

For all inquiries, please email or speak with Becky at 1-(800)-808-7707.