Draped in Health Blankets Help the Dogs of Beastly Rescue NYC!

$1087 Donated to the Dogs of Beastly Rescue We’ve been donating to Beastly Rescue for a few years now, but every time we make the donation it feels great! Thanks to our generous customers and Draped in Health Blanket lovers, our 2021 donation was $1087.50. In case you’re new to the Draper scene, here’s the scoop—50% […]

3 Must-Haves for the Adult Re-Rider

Taking a break from horses or from riding happens. Whether the choice is by choice or imposed by life circumstances, the rider in us can’t wait until the day we can get back in the saddle. And when that magical day comes, our excitement and enthusiasm carry us through the first ride (or first few […]

Draper Therapies is Staying Open with Select Products

Back in June, we announced that we would be scaling down Draper Therapies, mainly the equine and canine lines. After a few months, we are happy to report that, due to the level of interest and remaining raw materials, we will be continuing to make select body, canine and equine products in our therapies line […]


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