Draper Therapies is Staying Open with Select Products

Draper Therapies is Staying Open with Select Products

Back in June, we announced that we would be scaling down Draper Therapies, mainly the equine and canine lines. After a few months, we are happy to report that, due to the level of interest and remaining raw materials, we will be continuing to make select body, canine and equine products in our therapies line throughout the coming year!

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  • Lainey Johnson Reply

    I have been using the Draper Therapies saddle pads for 13 years. I own a dark grey and a white. I use them every day on multiple horses. They never wear out!! They are absolutely amazing how they are holding up. And they fit super well.
    I have many other equine products all of which I love! The sheet is so beautiful I fear using it daily.
    Draper products rock!!

    March 12, 2023 at 10:12 am

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