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Draper Body Therapy® Travel Blanket


Draper Body Therapy® Travel Blankets are small, versatile blankets that can be used for therapeutic relief at home or on the road.

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Product Description

Draper Body Therapy® Travel Blankets can help make traveling more comfortable. The Travel Blankets offer all the benefits of Celliant®, fit well in carry on luggage, and can easily be placed on a seat or lap. These blankets can also be used at home as a lap blanket, chair cover or sleep liner.

The Draper Body Therapy Travel Blanket contains 85% Celliant® (Polyester) and 15% Recycled PET (Polyester). Each blanket measures 35″ x 35″.

Made in the USA.

The Draper Body Therapy Travel Blankets are machine washable and dryer safe.

About Celliant®

Celliant is made of a patented blend of thermo-reactive minerals infused into the core of fiber which is used to create all types of textiles and fabrics so it does not wash or wear out.

Celliant is based on three fundamental scientific principles: Your body emits heat; certain naturally-occurring minerals absorb heat and emit far infrared energy (IR); and IR is a vasodilator that delivers health benefits by increasing blood flow to tissue and muscles throughout the body, which delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Products made with Celliant-treated textiles and fabrics absorb and convert body heat, naturally emitted by all living things, in the form of far infrared energy (IR). This energy is recycled back into skin and tissue in a safe, natural way, helping to rebuild and recharge the human body after physical activity and while you sleep.

Celliant is shown to increase tissue oxygenation by eight percent , which helps the body:
– Recover faster from physical activity
– Increase energy, endurance, stamina and performance
– Promote restful sleep and increased comfort

Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body. All Draper Therapies products are safe to use continually and without build up times.

The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. As such, products containing Celliant:

Increase Energy – This energy penetrates the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow

Better Endurance

Faster/Quicker Recovery

Enhanced/Increased Performance

Increase/Enhance Speed

Improve/Increase Strength

Increase Stamina

Helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep

For more information on Celliant, click here.


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Dimensions 9 × 1 × 11 in

2 reviews for Draper Body Therapy® Travel Blanket

  1. Angie “Jae” Lee

    I love this blanket. I take it everywhere. I can’t live without it. It is small enough to fit it a medium-sized purse but big enough to wrap around my legs, though I am short. Taller folks may feel it is too small. (I would love it to be a little bit longer–maybe another 8-12 inches.)

    I have a neuropathy that makes my left leg sensitive to cold and drafts–and the discomfort is exacerbated by any kind of of draft or wind, even from an air conditioner or fan. This blanket provides much more warmth and protection than wool-blend blankets twice as thick. The only blanket I have that offers comparable warmth-to-weight ratio is a large cashmere wrap, but it cost $250 and is dry clean only! I never use it now that I have the Draper travel blanket.

    And boy, do we travel! Restaurants, movie theaters, airplanes, lectures, baseball games, the symphony, church, car rides… Really, any where I have to sit for a while, especially if there is air conditioning. Without it, I am so distracted by the cold discomfort in my leg that I sometimes have to leave.

    Also, Whenever I have an injury anywhere, I wrap this blanket around my injury when I sleep, and I’m pretty sure I heal faster because of it. And I can’t swear there is a direct causal relationship, but I have restless leg syndrome less often if I sleep with this travel blanket in my legs.

    I’m such a believer in Celliant that I got the socks and the body wrap, and I am saving up for the bed liner and nap blanket. But first, I’m buying this travel blanket for an elerly friend who often gets cold but wants to keep traveling. It’s money well spent.

  2. N E (verified owner)

    Great travel blanket, amazing to use after long day’s walking to cover achy legs/feet. My small dog loves to sleep on it too:)

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