Equine Therapy Seminar

Equine Therapy Seminar

Kat Wojtylak and Susanne Hassler
Susanne Hassler and Kat Wojtylak at a recent visit to Hassler Dressage

Equine Physical Therapy Seminar

Benefitting the Equine Athlete with Ground Breaking Physical Therapy

Featuring Narelle Stubbs PhD and Nicole Rombach, MS

July 23, 2011

Seminar 9am-3:30pm

July 24, 2011 

Individual Treatment Sessions 

Hassler Dressage is proud to bring the expertise of equine physiotherapists Dr. Narelle Stubbs and Nicole Rombach to the equestrian community of the Mid-Atlantic region! This one-day seminar on July 23, 2011 is a must attend for any serious horseman,  of any discipline!  Draper Therapies will also be on site to answer any questions and give demonstrations.

Whether your focus is dressage, eventing, show jumping, racing, rehabilitation, or even sporthorse breeding and raising, Dr. Narelle Stubbs and Nicole Rombach offer a wealth of expertise and information that will enhance your program!

Understanding our horses’ physical response to injury or stress and how we can help our horses recover optimally can give any horseman the winning advantage. From inherent weaknesses to outright catastrophies, Dr. Stubbs will deliver the most up-to-date information on equine physiotherapy and how we can optimize our athletes’ development, recoveries, and/or performances.

Our one-day seminar will give in-depth information on the musculoskeletal structure of the equine athlete and how its movement is affected by injury, pain, or injection.  Both the morning lecture along with the afternoon’s live demonstrations will provide detailed explanation and examples of equine physiotherapy techniques, including kinesio-taping, therabands, and proprioceptor enhancements.

This is a must-attend event for any who wish to optimize the development, recovery, or performance of their equine athletes!   

When: July 23, 2011    9am-3:30pm

Where: Hassler Dressage at Riveredge

Costs:  $50/auditor, includes lunch

$225/individual treatment session

Register to attend this event by calling Hassler Dressage at 410-885-3824. 

Who should attend?   Everyone!!

  • Breeders-learn how equine physical therapy can prevent even the most subtle injuries from becoming negatively impactful to future performance capability
  • Trainers and Riders-learn how you can optimize and enhance your horse’s movement, even help training issues (like difficulty in getting clean flying changes) with applied physiotherapy
  • Veterinarians-expand your current exposure to this new field of veterinary science through one of today’s greatest resources
  • Rehabilitation experts-learn more about these other approaches to stimulating the healing and strengthening of the equine athlete after injury or surgery
  • Pre-Vet Students, Pony Clubber, FEI JR’s and YR’s-learn more than you can ever imagine!

More about Dr. Narelle Stubs and Nicole Rombach (MS)

NarelleStubbs – B.AppSc (PT), M.AnimSt (Animal Physiotherapy) (2008-present). Narelle is a Physiotherapist, University of Sydney Australia graduate (1993), gaining Charted society of Animal Physiotherapy ACPATA title while practicing in the UK 1995-2003 with a focus on animal physiotherapy both small and large.  She returned to Australia (2003-2008) to teach and complete the Post Graduate Masters in Animal Physiotherapy program at the University of Queensland (UQ).  Narelle completed her PhD candidature requirements in 2009 (UQ), investigating equine back pain.  Since 1998, Narelle has been the Official Australian Equestrian Team Physiotherapist since 1998, treating both horse and rider in many forms of equitation at the World Equestrian Games (1998, 2002, 2006) and the Olympics (2000,2004 and 2008).  Narelle regularly lectures internationally at Veterinary and Physiotherapy conferences and special teaching engagements. Narelle is a research fellow at the McPhail Equine Performance Center at the MSU where she pursues her research interests: biomechanics of locomotion, back and neck dysfunction, rehabilitation techniques and the horse – rider unit and athletic performance.

Nicole Rombach, MSc, MEBW, CBW, APM is originally from the Netherlands but studied in the United States to receive her Master Equine Body Worker certification (1999) and in the United Kingdom where she graduated with a post-graduate Diploma (2003) and a Master of Science in Animal Manipulation (2009) through the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and Univerity of Wales.  Nicole has worked as an equine sports therapist since 1998, mainly in the United Kingdom and in Brazil. Her main area of interest for her PhD research project is the evaluation of the efficacy of various complementary treatment and rehabilitation techniques on sports horse performance. She also plans to further investigate the use of infrared thermographic imaging in equine performance evaluation.

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