Three Reasons Why Neutrals Are the Best at the Barn.

kelly and saddle pad

Three Reasons Why Neutrals Are the Best at the Barn.

In recent years, the injection of bright pastels, neons, sparkles, and other retina-diminishing colors into equestrian style have had traditional neutrals taking a seat on the bench. But we’re here to tell you that those hum-drum colors you only use on horse laundry day are actually quite magical.

Everything matches. The most amazing part about neutrals is they pretty much all match each other. As long as you’re careful not to confuse your blacks and navys, it’s impossible to create a bad look. Also, all neutrals match almost every coat color so again, you really can’t go wrong.

Laundry is easy. Imagine only having to do two loads of laundry (whites and darks) and nothing would ever get ruined. No accidental pink saddle pads, no blotchy semi-red polos.

Equestrian Camo. Are you afraid of being pointed out by judgey peers or spectators? It’s a lot harder for someone to point out the “chestnut with the white saddle pad and black polos” than the “chestnut with the hot pink saddle pad and matching pink sparkly front boots” in the sea of horses in the warm up ring. Let your riding speak for itself, don’t let your equipment be a distraction or draw unwanted attention.

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