Recovery Techniques for Competing Athletes

Recovery Techniques for Competing Athletes

We were recently approached by blogger and Associate Director of Internet Marketing at RIP-IT Sports Susan Murray about possible uses of Celliant for athletes who are recovering from competitions. Though Murray focuses on primarily softball and baseball, many of the recovery techniques for pain relief can be used for athletes in a variety of sports! Below is Murray’s article, enjoy :)


Recovering After a Sports Tournament

Participating in a sporting tournament is something that many athletes are familiar with. The pain afterward is another thing that athletes are familiar with. There are many different reasons why there is so much pain, barring any injuries, it is mostly due to pushing the body so hard and fast. There are many different tricks that trainers will use to help athletes feel better and start on the road to recovery.

Ice and Heat

While probably the oldest treatment for any sort of pain, it is still a good suggestion. Ice will provide relief and help to bring down any sort of swelling. If experiencing a lot of pain, this will help to numb it. Heat also helps provide pain relief. This is why there are pain patches that give both the feeling of hot and cold. They work great if you are experiencing a lot of soreness and want to help alleviate some of it.

Reducing Acid

The main reason that muscle soreness sets in is because of the building up of lactic acid. Many trainers are focused mainly on reducing this acid. Massage is a great way to help prevent build up before the soreness sets in. This is done easiest by utilizing the things around you. After a softball tournament, grab your baseball bat and sit on the ground. Roll the bat up and down your legs since this is the most likely area to be sore from all the running. Having someone rub it around your throwing arm is also going to help. Another way to help reduce the acid is to do a cool-down by either riding a bike or walking a bit after your final game. This way you can slowly decrease the intensity and help your body use up the acid that is sitting in the muscles gradually.

Celliant Products

This material is a revolutionary product that provides therapy by just wearing it. The reason it is so revolutionary is because of the blend of minerals which help to alleviate pain and other negative symptoms as well as improve the body’s natural systems. The way it works is through the increase of oxygen levels in body tissue. There are many ways to wear it whether it is through blankets, pillows, eye masks, or clothing. The blankets are a favorite because they can be wrapped around the area that needs relief, folded and used as a pillow, or just laying over the body as a blanket to provide warmth and relief everywhere.

Special Drinks

Another technique that has been proven to be especially helpful in preventing soreness is what the athlete drinks. Chocolate milk has been shown to help prevent soreness as well as help to relieve it. Other athletes believe that drinking water with added minerals and electrolytes help as well. In fact, this is what Gatorade, Powerade, and other sports drinks are made of as well. Chocolate milk and these other drinks help because they consist of components that replace what your body loses during exertion.

Next time you have a big tournament to play in, no matter what sport it is, come prepared. After the tournament, get plenty of rest and try some of these techniques. The less sore you are afterward, the better you will be able to get back in the game.


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Susan enjoys spending her life playing softball, reading and working as the Associate Director of Internet Marketing at RIP-IT Sports. She is also an avid Braves fan and catches every game she can.

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