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Customer Story: Morgan and Galactic

I received an e-mail from Morgan a few weeks ago about her horse, Galactic, and it was just too good not to share! Morgan and Galactic’s story is below, as told by Morgan herself.  I will never get tired or stop being impressed by the wonderful success stories of customers and their animals using, enjoying, and healing with our products 🙂 Thank you for sharing Morgan!


Morgan and Galactic
Morgan and Galactic

“As an active event rider, I work to produce top talent with my focus and passion lying in the Off-Track Thoroughbred industry. It is without a doubt a booming business, with more programs than ever surfacing with the focus of re-homing and re-purposing Thoroughbreds that may have failed on the track and can go on to excel in other disciplines. I, personally, was introduced to your therapies after my most recent purchase of my now 8 year old OTTB, Galactic.

Galactic came to me through a wonderful program called the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center based out of Lexington, KY. The MMSC focuses on finding sound, top-talent prospects for multiple disciplines. As an event rider of 14 years, I was looking for my future Advanced level prospect. My goals have been and always will be to become a top-level Eventing professional, and to do that, you’ve got to have the horses with the goods, and team that can get you there. Galactic was everything I’d been looking for in that type of horse. Unfortunately, just over 1 year into our partnership together, Galactic suffered what was likely deemed to be a career-ending 70% tear to his superficial digital flexor tendon when he overreached and struck his tendon. I was told he would need at least a full 12 months off and there was no guarantee he would return to any level of competition despite the best treatments available. I was absolutely heartbroken.

Naturally, I began to research the best course of treatment for him, still hanging onto hope that he would come back and be able to do all we had hoped. We ended up going the route of stem-cell therapy after his tendon was surgically split, but the bow to his tendon was obvious and large. It was then that I came across Draper therapies while doing some online research. Willing to do anything that may help my horse rehabilitate to the best of his ability, I ordered your standing wraps. They arrived before my horse had his tendon split, and I immediately replaced my regular standing bandages with them.

Within a 48-hour period, I was amazed at how drastically the edema in the leg had reduced. I was quick to provide you with an email testimony as I was that impressed with the immediate effect these wraps had on my horse, and I’m even more excited to be emailing you now with an update.

Not so miraculously, but because I believe I made the right choice in treatment and the best choice possible in using my Draper wraps as part of my daily care regime, Galactic has made a 100% recovery and has been back in full training since October of 2014. His ultrasounds are outstanding, and while he may have a permanent bump from the impact of the overreach wound, the tendon healed extremely well. We have every hope that this horse will be my first shot at an upper level career, and I would love for Draper therapies to be a part of our journey getting there!

For reference, I was able to take photographs (see below) of his healing process before and after use of the wraps and have attached them for comparison (As well as a couple of photographs from Galactic’s big comeback this past weekend). I have turned several people at my barn onto using these wraps, as we run a bit of a rehabilitation facility for horses with issues ranging from tendon and ligament injuries to housing and helping rescued Saddlebreds from the Team American Saddlebred Association. They too, have seen great success!”

Before (left) and after (right) using Draper Recovery Wraps
Before (left) and after (right) using Draper Recovery Wraps

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