How to Choose Standing Wraps

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How to Choose Standing Wraps

When it comes to choosing standing wraps, there are a lot of options. Therapeutic vs old school cotton, thick vs thin, quilting vs no quilting – oftentimes the wraps you choose to use come down to your horse’s legs and personal preference.

Length. In order to make sure your horse is getting the proper support and protection from his standing wraps, they need to be long enough. Make sure your wraps fall just below the center of the knee and fetlock joint.

Thickness. While thickness is often a matter of personal preference, it can also be dependent on why you’re using standing wraps. For example, if you’re wrapping your horse in preparation for a trailer ride, you might want to choose a thicker wrap to better protect his legs from bumps and bruises. If you’re wrapping your horse for support after and intense ride, you may prefer a thinner wrap with less bulk.

Quilting. Quilting can come in handy, especially when it comes to wrapping horses with larger, more pronounced joints. As a standing wrap is applied larger joints/short cannon bones can cause un-quilted wrap fabric to buckle and/or wrinkle. Wrinkles can be dangerous as they create uncomfortable pressure points under the wrap that can sometimes lead to sensitivity, sores, or even lameness. Quilting allows the fabric to bend and conform to the leg without creating a wrinkle. For more tips on wrapping, click here.

Materials. This is another category that comes down to personal preference. While some horsemen and horsewomen prefer more traditional cotton wraps, there are some really great therapeutic options on the market. Many can be used with or without lineament, and most are meant to increase your horse’s comfort.

If you’re looking to upgrade your standing wraps, check out Draper Therapies® No Bows. These reversible, washable wraps help support your horse’s legs while offering all the great benefits of Celliant®. The No Bows promote a temporary increase in local circulation in your horse’s legs, which means quicker recovery times and increased comfort. They’re quilted so no wrinkles, and were recently redesigned so they’re the perfect thickness for traveling or post-ride leg care.

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