Customer testimonial: Dealing with a Horse’s “Fat Leg”

Customer testimonial: Dealing with a Horse’s “Fat Leg”

The dreaded fat leg. You know the one I’m talking about. It shows up out of no where. There is no heat, no pain (other than the pain of trying to get rid of it), no discomfort at all. The fat leg that taunts you by going down just enough to give you hope that maybe it’s going away . But no, it always comes back. You try multiple vet recommendations. You try poultice. You try cold hosing and sweating it. You try antibiotics…just in case. You try standing wraps.  Nutrition changes. You try more exercise. But nothing works! That is until you try Draper wraps (and believe me, you should try any Draper products).

I have spent the three years I have owned America trying to find the magical key to keeping his fat leg gone. Draper wraps were my magic! Finally! Finally! We did 7 days of using the Draper wraps for at minimum 12 hours a day. After the seven days there was such a dramatic difference and that difference has stayed. Even better, the lingering sore that would not heal because of the consistent edema is finally healing. I cannot say enough about Draper. They have helped when nothing else would. When I was at my absolute wits end, draper helped me regain my sanity! Thank you Draper!!!

America is a 15 year old Paint. He has suffered from chronic fat leg for years, to the chagrin of his owner and guest blogger, Kris Fulcher.

Thank you, Kris, for sharing America’s story!

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