We Put the “Nap” in “Nap Blanket”

We Put the “Nap” in “Nap Blanket”

True story. I have several Draper blankets, including the travel blanket, the neck blanket, and my favorite the nap blanket (in couch size please!). Of course I love all of them, but recently I figured out just how great the nap blanket really  is.

I’ve used it when I’ve been sick or sore from riding or whatever athletic event I recently overdid it at pretending to be much younger than I actually am, and it’s always helped me feel warm and cozy and less tense. Then in recent weeks, I’ve used it a few times just because I had it on the couch, the windows were open, and up here in the mountains even in a warm spring and early almost summer, it gets chilly at night. In just a matter of minutes, every single time….bam! I’m asleep. Just like that.

While falling asleep on the couch wasn’t the intention, it seems when it comes to the Draper Nap Blanket, I have no choice. And I wake up warm all over (even in my fingers and toes and face which tend to be chilly due to my thyroid issues) and feeling great – even though it’s the couch and not my bed.

So, finally, after this happening multiple times, I got smart, and….are you ready?

Yup, I brought the blanket to bed! And you know what? You guessed it, I slept like a baby! This coming from a night owl insomniac. Really. Looks like I’ll have to order the sleep liner and pillow case liners next!

If you have problems sleeping – with our without aches and pains – I can’t say enough good things about the Draper Nap Blanket. Try it, and you’ll love it. I haven’t slept this well in years! And if you’re not sure, you can always start with the travel blanket or the neck blanket and feel their effects for yourself.

-CJ Millar

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