5 Tips for Successful Cold Weather Riding

5 Tips for Successful Cold Weather Riding

When the mercury drops, many people head south for the winter but for those of you who aren’t “Snowbirds” and choose to stick it out like I do (I love the snow!), it’s important that both you and your horse are properly dressed for the elements.

Depending on how cold it gets by you will determine how much and how long you are able to ride. Things like having an indoor arena vs. only riding outside also play a role. What kind of shoes does your horse need, or can he go barefoot? There’s so much to consider that we pulled together a quick list of 5 tips for successful cold weather riding!

  1. Dress warmly! You want to stay warm when riding, and depending on the temps, that will mean an ear warmer, glove liners, and more. We love the ear warmer by Draper for just $10, and the glove liners to go under our riding gloves to add warmth and not bulk.
  2. Dress your horse warmly too and be sure to leave extra time for warmup. In the colder weather, it takes longer to warm up the muscles to prevent injury. We like to ride with the Draper Quarter Sheet in cold weather for clipped horses. If your horse is unclipped, consider the saddle pad to get circulation going in the back and help them loosen up easier when riding.
  3. Footwear and legwear matters! Make sure your horse has the appropriate shoeing for the conditions you are riding in. Some horses needing shoes year-round will need snow shoes and cleats, while others are okay to be bare for the winter moths. Regardless of what your horse needs, make sure they will have traction on slick or wet footing and if you’re not sure, hold off on riding until you can talk to your farrier. To protect their legs, riding with polos is always a good idea. Whether you want the added support of our Perfect Polos or more basic protection and local circulation enhancement from our standard polo wraps, we’ve got your horse’s legs covered.
  4. When you’re done riding, be sure your horse is properly cooled out before blanketing him up for the night. An anti-sweat sheet under a cooler can help improve recovery time after a workout. Once he’s dry, bundle him up in one of our Draper turnouts, currently on sale for $24 off plus a special offer of an additional $75 off with code TOBO14! Yup, that’s right – that means they are just $200! But hurry, this deal is only good while supplies last. As a note, wide chested horses may need 1-2 sizes larger than in their normal blanket.
  5. After your ride is over, head on home for a hot shower, a cup of cocoa, and cozy up under our Draper in Therapy blanket so that you don’t forget to pamper yourself as much as your horse!

Happy holidays, from all of us at Draper, and remember to stay warm this holiday season! Also take advantage of eve more great deals when you order now through December 19th, which is the last day for holiday delivery in time for Christmas via standard shipping. Enjoy!

-CJ Millar

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