Even Superwomen Need Sleep

Tanya Moths jumping her horse

Even Superwomen Need Sleep

We love when our customers take the time to tell us how our products fit into their daily lives. For Tanya Moths, new mom and owner/operator/head trainer at Lone Star Farm in Kiel, WI, our products are instrumental in getting her the quality rest she needs! Check out this superwoman’s testimonial on our best-selling Couch Blankets below.

“So it’s no secret that living the horse trainer life is hard on a person’s body… but add ‘barn owner’ and ‘new mom trying to get back to normal’ to that list and it’s like you’ve hit the body pain trifecta. It seems like every day there is a new ache, and living on ibuprofen just isn’t good for you.

Enter the Draper Therapies Couch Blanket.

In all honesty, I stole this bad boy from my dog. I know… we could share, BUT hes a 165 pound St. Bernard so there’s that. He got the blanket when he was recovering from some health issues, and he only seemed to REALLY rest when he was on or under it. Fast forward and he’s doing great now, the blanket got washed, and *somehow* found its way onto the couch, then my bed.

Tanya’s St. Bernard, Blake.

Normally, I don’t sleep great (I have a 6 month old, remember?), and often wake due to body discomfort, restless legs, or being the wrong temperature, which isn’t ideal when the baby is actually asleep! When I started using the couch blanket, I noticed I woke up half as many times, then less, then I was sleeping all night! My body felt rested, my aches and pains were better, and my restless legs didn’t bother me. I’d be warm, but not hot, and found that I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in, which means I wasn’t tossing and turning either! WIN!

Long story short, now I have to order my own, because my dog definitely wants his blanket back! I’ll probably be ordering the sleep liner, too!”

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