Perfect Polos for Imperfect Legs

Navy Perfect Polos

Perfect Polos for Imperfect Legs

I’ve ridden and cared for a lot of horses, which means I’ve wrapped a lot of legs. I’m pretty comfortable saying that the majority of the legs I’ve wrapped were sound, but they weren’t perfect. Scars, bumps, lumps, and even come odd conformation made up the legs I clipped, brushed, bathed, wrapped, and checked. While these imperfections didn’t hinder the horse’s ability or soundness, they did make finding proper leg protection tricky.

Maybe it’s because I have seen such a cross section of “funky” legs, but I have always felt that polos were always the best option. They’re completely adjustable which comes in handy when dealing with a variety of issues. Dropped or knobby fetlocks, long/short cannon bones, or stocked up legs are easier wrapped than booted, and you don’t have to worry about rubs or the wraps not fitting the shape of the leg correctly.

Scars and bumps from old injuries can present another problem. Even if the injury itself has healed, a whack from a hoof or rubbing from a boot could easily irritate the old injury. It’s important to have secure protection that stays in place and can cover the old injury without irritating it further.

I have been poloing since I was around 12 years old (I won’t admit to how many years it is exactly, but we’ll say 15+), so I’m quite savvy. Looking back, I wish I had a pair of Perfect Polos in my collection. I could have used them on my TB mini-medal horse with the chunky front fetlocks, or my first 3′ horse with the lumpy cannon bones. They would have been great on my 3’6″ equitation horse, too – he was huge, but had short cannon bones and knobby fetlock and knee joints so front boots never fit him well.

Me and my first horse, Mel. I had polos in every color back then.

Luckily for the horses I ride now, we have a pair of Perfect Polos in every color to protect their perfectly imperfect legs. Their dropped fetlocks, scars, and knobby joints are all wrapped with care and protected from any more bumps or cuts. And while others may prefer boots, I just love the fit, adjustability, and benefits of the polo!

Becky Shipps, Draper Therapies Manager, on why she prefers polos

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