A Winning Combination

A Winning Combination

Jamie Cohen and Kat Wojtylak of Draper Therapies

Jamie Cohen Equine Sports Massage is proud to announce his partnership with Draper Equine Therapy, making their complete line of outstanding therapy products available to all of his clients. The team at Draper Equine Therapy is committed to helping riders worldwide discover the therapeutic benefits of increased local circulation and oxygenation and decreased recovery time after muscle exertion.

Draper Therapies is a line of therapeutic products for horses, dogs and humans that uses Celliant (also known as Holofiber®) in their line of products. Celliant® is the world’s most technologically advanced fiber that is a proprietary blend of minerals which have been extruded into a polyester fiber. Celliant encourages a temporary increase in local blood flow to help muscles perform at their optimum and recover better. Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to enable it to be more effective and as such can be used continually. All products are made in the USA.

Jamie immediately saw a correlation between the benefits of his Equine Bodywork and those offered by Draper Equine Therapy products. After reading the clinical studies, speaking with people that use various Draper products and trying several of the products himself, Jamie was convinced of the quality of the company and its products. All of Jamie’s clients know that he preaches the “team concept” when it comes to the health and performance of his equine friends. Adding Draper products to the team just makes perfect sense. Jamie is happy to promote Draper Equine Therapy products to his clients and is ecstatic that Draper has reciprocated this support by offering these fabulous discounts to his clients.

For more information on Jamie Cohen, please visit his website.

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