The Power of Draper

The Power of Draper

When any horse is recovering from competition, active work, racing, or any other strenuous activity, muscle and joint recovery are key components. The sooner a horse can recover, the sooner they can return to active work, whatever their discipline. To that end, some products can be found in my barn at any time that I swear by: Draper Therapies recovery wraps, anti-sweat sheet, and stable sheet, which help to get my horses feeling better, faster.

For those of you that don’t know me, it’s CJ here, and I’m a marketer a well as an equestrian and have had the opportunity to work with and test many brands over the years.  Currently I also have two horses on layup, and finding the best products to rehabilitate them is my top priority right now.  As a marketer, I’ve been working with Draper Therapies on a new program called Rehabilitate & Recover in which we work directly with veterinarians, trainers, and professionals in the equine industry (including transporters and shipping companies, saddle fitters, and more) to educate them on the products both brands make, discuss how they can use them in their lines of work to help the horses in their care, and offer them the ability to sell products directly to their clients without needing to stock large amounts of inventory. For many horse owners, whether transporting, showing, competing, or even racing, allowing muscles to recover post-workout is one of the most important factors that go into overall recovery time. This factor becomes even more significant in the case of injuries. When the situation arose just days apart with my horses, it seemed that I was naturally the best test user of this new program.

Sky is rehabbing damaged hind supensories at NYEF at Clermont Farms as a part of the Draper Therapies R&R Program
Sky is rehabbing damaged hind supensories at NYEF at Clermont Farms as a part of the Draper Therapies R&R Program

So for the next few months, you can follow our story here and learn more about my boys Lucky and Sky, and how R&R works for them. We will be testing everything first hand in their recoveries and sharing it on the Draper Therapies blog. As for Rehabilitate & Recover, whether you’re a professional in the equine industry, a horse owner rehabilitating a horse, or just interested in learning more about how these products work, drop us a line! You can email Becky from Draper Therapies at or call (781) 828-0029 ext. 3448..

We’re also working on a new program for R&R working exclusively with the New York Equine Fitness Center at Clermont Farms, home to the only hyperbaric oxygen chamber in New England, and a state of the art rehabilitation facility to take R&R to the next level. Stay tuned for more updates, additional brands being added to the R&R program, and some exciting packages for horses in the New England area that go to NYEF at Clermont for the best in rehab care!

The Beautiful Clermont Farms, home to NYEF Rehab Center

-CJ Millar

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