Dressage at Devon

Dressage at Devon

We are headed off to Dressage at Devon and love the fact that fall is in the air! Not to mention, we get to head back to Pennsylvania to see our friends and have a good ‘ol time handing our out Best Foot Forward Award.

But what is Dressage at Devon you ask? Glad you asked!

Dressage at Devon is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and was originally founded by the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association which all began in 1965 when a group of riding enthusiasts got together and formed a club, in response to the question “How come the kids get to have all the fun”? The Delaware Valley Combined Training Association or “DVCTA” was born, and the adult pony club idea began. While overcoming many bumps in the road, Dressage at Devon has evolved into the most prestigious dressage competition in the hemisphere. It is an international rated dressage show as well as the largest open breed show in the world. The food vendors are rated as the best on the horse show circuit and the Festival area and overall venue unique in the horse show world. The six-day event attracts more than 700 horses and 35,000 spectators each year. Dressage at Devon benefits Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding Inc. , the oldest and largest therapeutic riding program in the nation. Want more information? Read here, it’s definitely a place where you should be!

I (Kat) will be at Devon everyday not only enjoying a fantastic show, but handing out our ever popular Best Foot Forward Award.

The fabulously happy and positive Britany Maack riding Sweet William to a victory in the Draper Best Foot Forward Award Winner’s Circle at the Devon Horse Show.

The Best Foot Foward Award was debuted a few years ago in Wellington, FL and has evolved into something we truly love to bring to every event we’re involved with. It’s our honor to reward people who possess a positive attitude, who inspire others and who help build a sense of community with those around them. When we see these qualities in an individual, whether bravely facing competition or offering a small kindness to another, we are compelled to reinforce these acts.

As a company, we take these qualities personally to keep our business moving forward in a positive direction. This is reflected in our Draper Dogma and is the core of our company. Creating and awarding the Best Foot Forward Award is no exception to what to stand for. Sad to say, but when you walk out the door these days, smiles can be hard to come by. It’s our way to help people smile more and pass on that positive attitude. It’s about focusing on and building a community centered around health and wellness. What better way to celebrate a smile than with free product from Draper!

Draper Dogma

Our Relationships.

Build long term relationships through dedication of honest communication and expertise.

Our Products.

Bringing high quality, US made and proven holistic products from our family to yours.

Our Philosophy.

Continually striving to better ourselves and our products through education , testing, customer feedback and our esteemed Advisory Board.

This award reminds us to keep our heads up because you never know who could be watching. We’re continually looking to find individuals whose smile touches their eyes. It’s basically good vibes you feel radiating off a person, not just one little smile as a polite courtesy. Here at Draper we truly stand behind the whole picture and how every element plays into the lives we lead. One smile or one nice gesture could make all the difference!

See you all out there September 27th-October 2nd in Devon, PA!

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