Canine Photo Contest Winners Announced- May be Too Cute For Some Viewers!

Canine Photo Contest Winners Announced- May be Too Cute For Some Viewers!

We would like to congratulate the grand prize winner of the Draper Canine Photo Contest, Miller!


Miller, a black lab from North Grosvenordale, CT and has won $300 worth of Draper products of his choice! This is what Miller’s owner had to say about him…

“I adopted Miller 2 years ago from a local Doggie Day Care and Grooming facility who, on occasion, bring in dogs that are on “death row”… For whatever reason, a 9-month old Miller was at a shelter in GA and was due to be euthanized within 24 hours when the owner of the Day Care saw his photo and made arrangements to adopt the puppy and have him shipped to CT. There he was extensively socialized at the day care, fed and fattened up (he was horribly skinny) and treated like a respectable animal (he was pretty stand-offish and didn’t trust humans much). When I met Miller, he’d been “on trial” with about 5 different families and had been returned for one reason or another and was still available (This is now almost 6 months after initial adoption from the kill shelter in GA). I’d just lost my dog, Morgan, to a major hip displaysure that was unrecoverable from. I was not looking for a replacement dog by any means… But a flyer on the counter at the local health food store caught my husband’s attention and he suggested we stop in to “take a look”. I sat in the waiting area and the owner brought Miller in- the dog came trotting right over to me and put his head in my lap- Another guy came in just then with a dog for grooming (a Pitt bull X) and eyed Miller as he walked over to the dog, wagging his tail and made friends.  The man asked me if Miller was my dog, and I said “No, but I’m thinking of adopting him”… To which he responded, “I’d adopt him for sure- my dog has NEVER gotten along with another dog in his life- I was worried he was going to start a fight, but he was so relaxed I was in awe and didn’t know what to say…”

 “Needless to say, I took Miller “on trial” for the weekend,” she continues. “It happened to be the biggest, busiest horse show of the season (I had 10 horses and 16 students over a 4-day, 3-ring hunter/jumper show).  Miller came along and was the hit of the barn- he made friends with all the horses, the students, he stayed at the stalls- never roamed around and when I was there working, he stayed by my side like a true sidekick. He took a little time to warm up to my husband, but is now his best buddy- He watches after our free-range chickens and adores my cats.  I take him to the stables every day and he is the perfect, quintessential “barn dog”… The horses think he’s a hoot and the clients absolutely love him.  Miller is the most amazing dog I’ve ever known- he’s smart, friendly, athletic and a true companion.  I want Miller to live a long, happy, pain-free life and know that the key to his longevity is the quality of care I provide to him now, before his formative years. I use alternative therapies on my horses regularly… Never really thought about using the same technology on my dog, but then again, I’ve never had a dog such as this one.  I believe Miller deserves to be the Canine Contest Winner due to the many lives he’s touched and enriched just for existing in his wonderful way.”

Our runner up Is Hunter, a yellow Lab who had won $100 worth of Draper products of his choice! This is what Hunter’s owner had to say about him.


“The dog in this picture is Hunter; he is 9 years old and has been part of our family since a puppy. He is a yellow Labrador and has a personality of a human. A year ago hunter was diagnosis with pituitary dependence Cushing’s disease. He lost a lot of weight and hair through the process before medications got him to gain weight, grow a new coat of hair and gained his personality back. I think deserves to be draped in Draper because he has numerous skin and muscle issues still healing with his Cushing’s. It will make him comfortable at night and be refreshed during the day.”

 Thank you to all who participated. The judges had their work cut out for them this time! 

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