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Meet the Team: CJ Millar

Draper Therapies is very excited to have CJ Millar on board and blogging for us! She brings not only brings her online marketing skills, but also a life-long working knowledge and passion for all things equine to the table. Please join me in welcoming CJ to our blog!    


Hi, all! For those of you that don’t know me, I wanted to share a little information about who I am and how I came to be a part of the Draper Therapies team. First and foremost, just like my Twitter profile says, online marketing and horses are my life, and it couldn’t be more true. I work in digital marketing with some of the best clients in the world, and I am owned by 7 horses (and a lot of cats and a few dogs too…). Riding and marketing are two of my passions, and I always strive to use the best products on myself and my animals and represent the best brands in my “day job.” Draper just happened to be an amazing combination of the two worlds.

In 2013, I was reading an article about one of my favorite eventers’ rehabilitation from injury, Neville Bardos, and his time at Caddel Equine Therapy Center. The article mentioned Draper Therapies wraps as a part of his treatment, and as I had recently been introduced to some other brands, I was interested in learning more. Surely, what Caddel is using is the best – and I wanted to learn more about it. Even more so, I had wondered why had I not seen or heard more about this brand on the web?

I did some research and found the Draper site, and immediately reached out to Becky. We talked on the phone, and after learning more about the products, I decided to try some for myself to start. At the time, I was recovering from ACL surgery on my left knee, and also have ongoing issues with a damaged disc in my neck due to an old horse accident. The knee brace and neck blanket were a great start, and got me hooked on the brand. If it worked for Neville Bardos, and it worked for me, then surely it would work for my animals!

In late 2013 I started working with the Draper team directly and helped them with their marketing. It is definitely a job I love, because helping to educate people about Draper Therapies and what their products do is even easier when you use all of the products themselves. I’ve since gotten my massage therapist, my horses, several clients, and even some friends and trainers across the country hooked on Draper Therapies. I mean, can you blame them? Their products are incredible!

Currently I’m rehabbing my neck from re-aggravating that old injury, and two horses from severe injuries, so expect to see more posts from me on our recovery and how Draper is helping us. And if you have any questions, drop us a line, we always love to hear from you!


CJ & the Draper Team

CJ and her Clyde Cross showing dressage
CJ and her Clyde Cross showing dressage
CJ and her OTTB Sky (now on layup) hunter pacing with their teammates Jenn & Pepper
CJ and her OTTB Sky (now on layup) hunter pacing with their teammates Jenn & Pepper

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