NEDA Fall Symposium

NEDA Fall Symposium

Every auditor in attendance will receive one of these from Draper Therapies. Take a read below to find out more!

The NEDA (New England Dressage Association) Fall Symposium and Awards Banquet featuring Kyra Kyrkland will kick-off on Saturday, November 5th, with demonstrations from various horse and rider combinations with a chance for Kyra to comment and answer questions throughout the weekend. Kyra is a world renowned dressage rider and trainer bringing immense knowledge and experience to the riders and auditors of the Fall Symposium. During the NEDA Fall Symposium, Draper Therapies will have a booth available for product display and demonstrations, as well as to complete the raffle below.

Draper Therapies will be doing something completely different for this event. Each auditor in attendance at the event will receive the card above. The Draped in Health Bracelet which is attached is typically sold on the Draper website for a $1.00. A 100% of that $1.00 goes back to the Draper Philanthropy Project whose funds go to support the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund which furthers research in the field of adrenal cancer. To learn more about the Draper Philanthropy Project, please visit our website, but to understand what this has to do with participants of the symposium, keep reading.

For every auditor who is in attendance, Draper Therapies will make a donation to the Spencer Bell Endowment Fund on behalf of NEDA. Second, for every person who wears their bracelet and comes to the Draper booth wearing it (with their entry form), will be eligible to score some awesome prizes. It’s all about sharing the health and wellness! And please remember what the bracelets mean, if you’re not interested in wearing them, you can always return them or pass them along.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the symposium and having an absolute blast!

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