Florida Sun Brings Smiles and the Best Foot, Forward

Florida Sun Brings Smiles and the Best Foot, Forward

Denise Monopoli winning the Draper Best Foot Forward Award during the 2011 Winter Equestrian Festival.

Riders with a positive attitude and a smile on their face make the show world a far better place, and we here at Draper Equine Therapy®, we  are looking to reward those riders by proclaiming they are putting their “best foot forward.” We will be sponsoring the Draper “Best Foot Forward” Award each week during the 2012 Winter Equestrian Festival and at the inaugural year of the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, FL.

Draper Therapies is dedicated to giving back to those who possess a positive attitude both in the show ring and out. It’s an attitude that grooms, riders, owners and trainers choose to project that enables a ripple effect of ‘good vibes’ to be passed on. At Draper, our goal is to ‘create and embrace change,’ which includes having a positive attitude, and we look forward to finding it in riders and then rewarding them for it.

Winners of the Draper “Best Foot Forward” award will win prize packages worth up to $300. We will be on the lookout for those inspiring a positive attitude throughout each show. A smile is contagious and when we’re all in an environment working long hours, nothing greets you better than a smile on someone’s face.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Florida and be sure to pack those smiles!


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