Devon Brings Smiles and Sunshine

Devon Brings Smiles and Sunshine

Danielle Cooper winning the Draper Best Foot Forward Award and her class at the Devon Horse Show.
The always smiling Hanne Wenger and her home bred horse Encore K who won the Draper Best Foot Forward Award at the Devon Horse Show.
The fabulously happy and positive Britany Maack riding Sweet William to a victory in the Draper Best Foot Forward Award Winner’s Circle.
Winners Natalie Horween and Pascal won the Draper Best Foot Forward Award at the Devon Horse Show. Mom is standing by in smiles too!
New Zealand rider Kirk Webby who won the Draper Best Foot Forward Award this past weekend at the Devon Horse Show.

We headed out to the Devon Horse Show in Devon, PA this past weekend to hand out the Draper Best Foot Forward Award. Here at Draper we’re dedicated to giving back to those who possess a positive attitude both in the show ring and out. Regardless if riders were on a winning streak, it was the attitude that riders took outside of the barn that put some in a class all by themselves.

“Make your competition irrelevant,”

A line taken from our Draper Diddy’s which not only inspires us daily in focusing on who we are, but it’s something that as an outsider we saw in certain riders. Above all, our chosen riders seemed to take a very good approach for setting out to in their goals, and we applaud them for their positive efforts.

Draper is committed to helping riders worldwide discover the therapeutic benefits of increased circulation and oxygenation; increased recovery time after muscle exertion. Our products have been on the market since 2003, our parent company’s since 1856 and as a result, we have learned a lot along the way regardless of a century worth of experience. We have been able to refine our products to a very practical and economical therapeutic line that not only has sufficient clinical data to back up our claims, but also products that are made entirely in the USA.

The Best Foot Forward strives to award riders with a positive attitude which directly aligns itself with our “Company Values” aka The Draper Dogma:

The Draper Dogma

Our Relationships-

Build long term relationships through dedication of honest communication and expertise.

Our Products-

Bringing high quality, US made and proven holistic products from our family to yours.

Our Philosophy-

Continually striving to better ourselves and our products through education, testing, customer feedback and our esteemed Advisory Board.

We hope everyone enjoys the pictures 🙂 And for more photos and updates, please visit us on Facebook.

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