Fairy Tale Comes True For Horse And Rider As They Win “Draped In Draper”

Fairy Tale Comes True For Horse And Rider As They Win “Draped In Draper”

Michigan high school senior Abbey Good isn’t the only one who is thrilled to have won the 2012 “Draped In Draper” contest- designed to “drape” one winning horse in products from Draper Therapies. Good’s horse, Stork, is the recipient of $1,100 in product because his human owner, Abbey, entered the contest that was held in conjunction with the 2012 Winter Equestrian Festival and Global Dressage Festival seasons in Wellington, Florida.

Each entry was asked to write a 250-word essay describing why they could find benefit from the Draper products. Good’s essay was a poem describing Stork’s life as a fairy tale. It was such a unique and well thought out entry. There was no way we could have denied her and Stork after reading her entry. What was even more fun was letting Abbey know she had won. She was over the top ecstatic, which left us feeling super at the end of the day.

Good, 17, was already a Draper fan and said she had always admired the professionals who used Draper products. She said she often visited the Draper website sale page, but extra items for Stork weren’t always in the budget. “I can’t even describe what it was like to win. It gave me a hope that somewhere out there, I made people laugh and smile with my entry. Plus, knowing my horse is getting the absolute best, that’s the icing on the cake,” she said.

Stork, a 17-hand red dun paint gelding that adores peppermints and competes in jumpers, dressage and eventing, is now finding life a lot more comfortable. Good wrote in her poem that Stork often had a sore back, but thanks to being “Draped In Draper” he is feeling the positive results of the Draper therapeutic products containing Celliant.

“Our favorite Draper item has to be the Stable Blanket. Stork just adores it, and it’s so snuggly that I’ve been caught around the barn wrapped in it!” Good said. “I joke all the time about my horse being a prince. He is really, really spoiled and has that air of royalty about him.”

In Abbey’s poem she wrote: ‘Draper Therapies came to save the day with one of their mighty contests of awesomeness! Prince Stork herd about this new contest of awesomeness and explored their website right away, and when he did, he uncovered a new world of therapy! Their special blankets, sheets, saddle pads, and boot wraps made him drool, and gave Prince Stork hope in a new, comfortable, and happy future!’

Two runner-ups, Diana Renihan and Melanie Epstein, also received $200 worth of products from Draper. It turned out to be a wonderful contest and all of our winners were really happy. As for Abbey, her modern fairy tale did come true because she was able to save her Prince!

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