“Happy Feet” at Rolex

“Happy Feet” at Rolex

2011 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Draper Course Walk with Draper TherapiesFans of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event who took part in the cross-country course walk sponsored by Draper Therapies with Erick Dierks are still raving about how much fun they had. They are also buzzing about the fact that at the culmination of the event, they had happy feet thanks to Draper Therapies giving each course walk participant one therapeutic sock to trial head to head against their regular socks. Following the course walk, we were happy to hear that the socks and their claims of the socks helping their feet stay comfortable held true even after only a few short hours.

Dierks educated the participants on how to ride the challenging course and it proved to be a “foot friendly” experience thanks to Draper’s Therapeutic Socks. “The Draper socks certainly were a hit and many people became fans of the socks during Rolex,” Wojtylak said. “The point of giving everyone one sock to walk in was so they could immediately feel the difference during a physical activity. We consider it the Draper guarantee that we truly stand behind our products in every way.”

2011 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Draper Course Walk with Draper TherapiesWojtylak said the Draper Therapies Facebook page has been buzzing about the sock giveaway and that Karen Chandell posted, “Wonderful Rolex Course Walk with Erick Dierks. The socks you handed out were awesome, ended up wearing them on Saturday and Sunday. My feet were the only part of me not aching after the weekend.”

Wojtylak said it isn’t unusual for people to wear the Draper Therapeutic Socks once and immediately become lifelong fans. Dona Ferraro also posted on Facebook, “I wore and LOVED the socks given out during Erick’s course walk…they were awesome!” Wojtylak said that all Draper products, including the socks, are made with Celliant, the world’s most technologically advanced fiber that is a proprietary blend of minerals which have been extruded into a polyester fiber. Celliant encourages not only the alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms, but an actual improvement of the body’s natural systems.

“It was really exciting to see the immediate benefits of the socks, and see so many people with happy feet during a grueling event for horse and rider pairs and its spectators. This wasn’t the first time I have seen riders put the socks on and never want to take them off because their pain is suddenly gone,” Wojtylak said. “The team at Draper is committed to helping riders worldwide discover the clinically proven therapeutic benefits of increased local circulation and oxygenation and decreased recovery time after muscle exertion.”

2011 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Draper Course Walk with Draper TherapiesWojtylak added that in the equestrian world, Draper Equine Therapy has proven to be a leader in keeping horses and riders healthy. Wojtylak said they received a lot of great feedback from the socks during Rolex, including a message from Mary Bernier in which she said, “Love the Draper socks, they were fabulously comfortable over the walking-intensive weekend; as well as a saving-grace to my friend who developed blisters on her heels from her new boots. She wouldn’t have made it through the rest of the weekend, had she not had her Draper socks to comfort her heels!”

Draper was a Contributing Sponsor at the world renowned Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event and Wojtylak said that three of Draper’s Advisory Board Members are past competitors; Canadian Olympic event rider Selena O’Hanlon, Dierks and Sara Kozumplik. “It was great having Eric there with our group to talk us through strategy and what to be watching for on cross-country day. He talked to the group as if they were riding the course and how to achieve the best lines and how to maximize the stamina of their horses. He also spoke of the different rides you would be seeing based on style of the rider, aggressiveness and knowledge coming into the event,” Wojtylak said. “Eric was a great choice to lead something like this as he is very personable, provides a great sense of humor and brings an immense amount of knowledge to the table. Draper has been working with Eric for over two years and he is an asset to our Advisory Board and helps Draper with our mission to not only bring education to the public, but also health and wellness to the lives of many.”

Draper offers three complete lines of Celliant enhanced products: Draper Body Therapy; Draper Equine Therapy; and Draper Canine Therapy. For more information on Draper Equine Therapy, visit their website at www.draperequinetherapy.com or join our facebook page.

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