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“Giving feels good, but giving love feels even better”: 2018 Philanthropy Project results

Oh. My. Goodness… You guys did it!

I’ll be honest, every time I get an order with a Draped in Health blanket on it, my heart jumps a little. I’ve shipped those colorful blankets all across the US and Canada and as far away as Vietnam. I pack every order with love and pride, but there’s a little something extra that goes into the Draped in Health blankets. Maybe it’s because there IS something extra in them – the knowledge that with every one sold you are not only getting/giving a beautiful blanket that will help you feel more comfortable than ever, but that you’re helping a dog who so desperately needs comfort find a loving home. Giving feels good, but giving love feels even better.

This morning I made the 2018 Philanthropy Project donation to Beastly Rescue… and it was nearly $600 more than last year! The total donation for 2018 was $1762.50. Anyone involved in rescue will tell you that no amount is too small, but it sure feels good to be able to give more. That’s one more dog that was able to be supported because you guys spread the word.

Big thank you’s to our customers, to anyone who shared our DIH blanket posts, to HorseNation for their write-up on the project, and to Beastly Rescue.

Our resident Beastly Alum, Clementine, would thank you personally… but she’s busy napping on her own blanket.

Keep moving forward,


Clementine, a former rescue dog from Beastly Rescue that is now a Draper Therapies office dog!

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