Whipped Cream Will Always Be White

Whipped Cream Will Always Be White

You heard us correctly.

When you say “Whipped Cream”, we’ll always yell WHITE…unless it’s to do with the fancy Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream called Cream which comes in all sorts of amazing flavors, but I digress. This whole thing Whipped Cream Will Always Be White started at the fabulous Bonefish Grill in Lexington, Kentucky where we were exhibiting at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. Kristin and I always enjoy anything chocolate and couldn’t turn down the dessert menu that night, amongst all their amazing food that proves to be great time and time again. When our dessert came out though, we tasted the whip cream and just stared at each other dumbfounded, it tasted…white. Now we’re positive white isn’t really a taste, but we couldn’t describe it any other way.

The white effect was developed because nothing else was added to the cream when it was beaten, but it was baffling and downright hysterical having this new white taste sensation going on during such a fabulous meal. Call it a lame inside joke, but it’s something that provides loads of entertainment, especially when we tried explaining our new white taste to the waiter and asking him to wrap it up so we can laugh about it later. (We were provided with small containers, one for each of us to take home). We’ve tried other Bonefish Grill‘s, and yes, the white taste is in full effect in each and every one, providing a smile during every trip.

If you’d like to create the fluffiest whitest whipped cream in the shortest amount of time at home, try this fancy gadget- The Pourfect Whisk-A-Bowl. It’s actually what spurred us to talk about our Draper Diddy, Whipped Cream Will Always Be White. And while you’re at it, turn on Devo’s Whip It and whip yourself up some white.

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