Lunching and Learning

Lunching and Learning

Draper's Lunch and Learn Seminar in Wellington, FL featuring Sheri-lyn Traylor

We had a wonderful time lunching and learning with everyone who showed up to our very informal, Lunch and Learn Seminar held on January 26th. The Draper Lunch and Learn seminar featured Sheri-lyn Traylor, the editor and art director for BellaDog Magazine, and more importantly, a very good friend of ours.

Sheri spoke to a full house on the topic, “We All Make Mistakes: A Lecture on Using the Positive Instead of Negative Reinforcements When Working With Our Animals and Using Them to Reflect in Our Own Lives.” We thought audience had a great reaction to the seminar. Most horse people have dogs, and while Sheri talked a lot about positive reinforcement in our canine friends, in could easily be transferred to our equine friends too. It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience. After it was over, Sheri-lyn was tied up for a good while with people who were asking questions about training tips and techniques as well as more information on some of the subjects she touched on. We have a video posted on YouTube of a short snippett from the Lunch and Learn seminar:



In a raffle to all the participants, we gave away subscriptions to BellaDog Magazine and one lucky winner also took home a Draper Dog Bed. Nicole Hug, Nina Geissler, Michelle Hirschberg and Cathy Latsha all won subscriptions to BellaDog Magazine, and Cathy additionally won a Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Bed.

We were so happy to be a part of the Lunch and Learn seminars being held at WEF for the second year in a row because we love supporting the equestrian community through education. Throughout the show circuit we are also have the opportunity to be hosting the Draper ‘Best Foot Forward’ Awards, rewarding positive attitudes and the ‘Draped In Draper’ raffle which awards $1,500 in Draper Therapies products. It’s a great time to be in Florida!

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