Way to go Selena!

Way to go Selena!

Selena O’Hanlon and Colombo have proved every moment of their hard work by not only qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics, but with the spectacular rides at the World Equestrian Games, finished twelfth individually and brought home a Silver medal for Team Canada. We applaud them on their amazing ride to the top! (Photo Credit: Cealy Tetley)

Note of thanks from Selena: “Draper Equine have been unbelievable good to us for nearly three years.  We started with them giving us a saddle pad to try, to see if it helped Colombo’s back which is uber sensitive.  Well it certainly did, and he has never ever been ridden without a Draper pad since that day.  The fibres have crystals in them and help with circulation.  We now use Draper coolers, Draper leg wraps under our bandages and of course Draper saddle pads on both Colombo and A First Romance.  At the WEG, Jessica Phoenix tried one of our pads out on Tucker and she is now a believer!  They make an incredible difference to Colombo’s comfort level during and after work.  At the Olympics and at the WEG she had to wear the team pads but our Draper pad is on underneath, we were not going to take any risks at such an important time in Colombo’s career.”

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