In the Spirit of Christmas… the Draped in Health Blanket Giveaway!

In the Spirit of Christmas… the Draped in Health Blanket Giveaway!

We had so much fun giving away our Kentucky Derby themed shoulder wrap that we’re doing it again with a blanket!

So, in the spirit of Christmas giving, goodwill towards all, and most importantly health and healing… I bring you the Draped in Health Blanket Giveaway!

Our Draped in Health (DIH) Blankets are a stand out item for so many reasons… But here’s the top three:

1. Color! – Our product lines were designed with a few colors in mind, mainly navy, burgundy, charcoal, and black. Although those colors are practical, they’re not the most vibrant… Which is why we decided to liven up our DIH Blankets with Sky Blue, Raspberry, and Gold accents! We kept the charcoal background but the little splash of color make them a cheerful addition to our line of body products.

2. Material Composition – Our DIH Blankets are 50% Celliant® and 50% polyester, which make them a perfect alternative for customers who want all the great benefits of Celliant but are allergic or uncomfortable with wool (our Nap and Couch blankets are a Celliant/wool blend). These blankets are plush, soft, and make great bed or couch blankets.

3. Supporting a Worthy Cause – The idea behind the development of the DIH Blankets was simple: we wanted to create a product that used up extra fiber we had at our textile mill and give back to a cause that was important to us and related to our business in some way. And so the DIH Blanket was born. The fiber that is used to make the fabric for these blankets would otherwise be considered scrap or waste which means that by re-purposing it, we’re able to keep it out of a landfill. Even better, 50% of the purchase price of each blanket sold is donated to the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, a place dedicated to cancer research, testing of new therapies, and patient education. We’re recycling and helping support finding a cure for cancer one DIH Blanket sale at a time!

The contest runs 12/19/16 to 1/2/17, with the winner being announced on 1/3/17. The winner gets their choice of one DIH Blanket in whichever of the three colors they choose.

Good luck, Merriest of Christmases, Happiest of Holidays, and Sparkliest of New Years to all!


Draper Therapies Product Manager


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