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Canine Corner: New Draper Therapies Bolster Bed

Sometimes picking the right product for your dog is tricky. When it comes to dog beds, dog owners have seemingly limitless options. Since your dog can’t tell you his or her preferences, we often rely on our own standards of comfort to decide what type of bed is best. If you and your dog have a taste for products that exemplify luxury, comfort, and practicality, you’re going to adore the new Draper Canine Therapy Bolster Bed!

This product has everything going for it – Quality, durability, excellent design, and safety. The Bolster Beds are made for Draper Therapies by a company called Sit Stay Forever. Based out of Dutchess County NY, Sit Stay Forever’s main focus has been to create high quality canine products out of materials that are certified safe – meaning that you can be rest assured that your pooch isn’t sleeping or chewing on products made of material that may have harmful, potentially cancer-causing ingredients in it (to learn more about how materials for the beds are picked, click here). All the materials that go into their products are certified toxin-free and hypoallergenic. In addition, all the materials that go into the Bolster Bed are made in the USA, and the beds themselves are ASSEMBLED BY HAND (to ensure quality) at Sit Stay Forever’s headquarters in upstate New York.

The Bolster Bed design is extremely practical and makes your dog’s comfort the first priority. The beds are all oversized, meaning that your dog will have plenty of space to curl up without feeling squished into a bed that’s too small. The donut shape design allows your dog to rest his/her head on the soft cotton side of the bed, while the inner pillow (made out of Celliant) offers your dog’s body all the health benefits of Celliant. The entire bed is stuffed with recycled material (specifically recycled water bottles that have been turned into fiber or “green fluff”), so in addition to being eco-friendly, the beds are also easy to re-fluff after lots of use. As with all our products, the bed is machine washer and dryer safe – an invaluable feature for any canine product.

Pricing for the beds starts at $110.50, and goes up according to size. While that may seem like a lot to spend on a dog bed, you’re definitely getting a lot of “bang of your buck” – you’re getting a high quality, made in the USA product that is easy to clean, won’t make your dog sick, keeps him/her comfortable while relieving pain and stiffness, and will probably last your dog for its entire lifetime!

Blueberry, our resident canine product tester, gives this bed four paws up.
Blueberry, our resident canine product tester, gives this bed four paws up.

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