Tricks for Nap Blanket Care

Blanket with slicker

Tricks for Nap Blanket Care

We have had a few customers ask how to care for their body blankets, so here’s a trick we use! 

When you put a pile fabric (like the ones that make our Couch, Nap, and Draped in Health Blankets) in the dryer, eventually you will see that the material starts to get clumpy, almost like a sheep’s wool. This is effect is called tumbling and it is normal – in our mill, we actually have fabric customers for whom we tumble their fabric specifically to achieve this effect!

The easiest way to re-fluff your blanket is to use a wire slicker brush. You can find slicker brushes almost anywhere dog grooming supplies are sold (the one in the picture was purchased at an excess supply store for $1). Brush the blanket in small sections gently so that you’re not pulling out fiber unnecessarily. Usually it only takes a few strokes in each section to have the fiber straightened out and smooth again. Voila! No more tumbled look.

We don’t recommend brushing the blankets too frequently (brushing pulls out fiber), but it’s a nice way to give an older or well-loved blanket a fresh look.

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