Kristen Hrdlicka

Kristen Hrdlicka

photo courtesy of Kristen Hrdlicka

Photographer, Kristen Hrdlicka of Three Stride Studios will have a collection of photographs titled “Grass to Sky” on display in the Draper booth during WEG. 50% of the proceeds will benefit the Draper Philanthropy Project.

In the words of Kristen:

My first word was horse.

This should have alerted my parents to my future endeavors, but I’m not sure. When I was a kid, I called every animal a horse in the hopes that my words would cast a magical spell and make a horse appear. (Sadly, it didn’t work.) I used to put my toy horse saddle (kindly lent by the cabbage patch kids) on my neighbour’s dog, hop on top, and urge him to run. (Sadly, this also didn’t work).

Of course, I had one distraction from my urge to run away and be a cowboy – photography. When my father used to develop his film and find it full of my early attempts at photography, I think the dim light of future occupations shone wanly in his mind. “A budding photographer, eh?” he used to say. “You’ll have to take pictures of stuff other than horses, you know.” And so I did, attending every photography class I could.

When I wasn’t constructing beautiful foreground shots or experimenting with shutter speeds, I was at the barn. I’ve been thrown, kicked, bashed, nuzzled and licked (by horses, not cameras). Still, my passions never wane. Even after bad falls, I would telephone my doctor almost daily (I’m sure he appreciated it) asking when I could get back to the barn. After one particularly nasty fall resulting in broken ribs and a dislocated spine, I heeded medical advice and stayed away from riding. After realizing that I’ve never been more miserable, I got back in the saddle. And I’ve never looked back.

To me, horses provide the mental release and focus that many gain from yoga. Stress and worries wash away as soon as I enter the barn. This is the reason I will ride for the rest of my life. And if I can also take beautiful shots that capture the beauty and power inherent in horses, if I can provide a visual record of my passion, then all the more reason to create Three Stride Studios.

To learn more about Kristen and Three Stride Studios, please visit the following link.

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  • fallenangel39 Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself.Im very interested in photography and would love to view your photographs.

    September 15, 2010 at 6:54 pm

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