Michele Hundt

Michele Hundt

photo courtesy of Michelle Hundt

Artist Michele Hundt specializes in Original Abstract Paintings, Figure Paintings, Equine Artwork and Impressions of the Moment of Now. She will have one of her gorgeous paintings on display in the Draper booth, which will also be for sale.

Artist Michele Hundt is masterful in her bold use of striking contours and images. Working with color and shape to capture that special moment in time, Michele expresses her artistic gift through her specialties of Original Abstract Paintings, Figure Paintings and Equine Artwork. She enjoys the intensity of large-scale artwork and therefore works in large dimensions.

Michele’s career has been diverse, and has always been art related. For over 17 years she served as a Designer and Artistic Director at various companies in the midwest. A graduate of the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Michele has also studied Drawing at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Figure Drawing at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her work has appeared in the Mulry Fine Art Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida and the Artists Haven Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

“Imagine a special moment — just the right time, just the right place, with the right person. My paintings are the story of that special moment. Viewers of my work are inspired to remember their own personal, special moment. My paintings may inspire laughter in one person, and sadness in another. With each painting, the viewer has his or her own personal experience.” ~ Michele Hundt

For more information on Michele and her artwork, please visit her homepage.

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