NEDA Fall Weekend Symposium

NEDA Fall Weekend Symposium

In an effort to further education in the sport of dressage, Draper has been lucky enough to sponsor NEDA (New England Dressage Association) at their Spring and Fall Educational Events in 2010. It was during Halloween weekend that NEDA hosted a clinic by husband and wife team, Steffen & Shannon Peters, to share their knowledge, experience, and insight about training horses and riders.

The weekend featured horse and rider combinations at every level, Training Level to Grand Prix. Steffen & Shannon worked together to discuss the requirements of each level, how to ride the movements, how to teach the horse the movements, how to choose the appropriate level to compete at, and how to prepare for the next level.

It was not only an entertaining weekend, but also very informative. We got to meet some wonderful people throughout the course of the weekend and got to talking with many return customers and friends. A huge thank you goes out to NEDA for putting on such a wonderful event, we’ll see you next year!

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