Surviving the “Dog” Days of Winter

Surviving the “Dog” Days of Winter

Don’t let winter slow down your senior dog!

Like humans, older dogs can suffer from joint pain and muscle pain. Cold winter weather exacerbates an elderly dog’s discomfort, making winter especially ruff *ahem* rough on our four legged friends.

Canine product tester Blueberry, hard at work.
Canine product tester Blueberry, hard at work.
  • If it is too cold for you outside, it’s too cold for your pet. To protect them from the elements, bring them inside when it’s cold. Older dogs generally do not have the body condition to keep themselves warm, causing increased pain from arthritis and leaving them more susceptible to cold weather illnesses.
  • Older dogs may also need a soft place to lie down. The Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Bed is an excellent option for providing your dog a warm and therapeutic place to rest.
  • Warmth is an essential therapeutic element for dogs suffering from arthritis or old age aches and pains. A armed up Draper Body Therapy® Shoulder Wrap can easily double as a source of offers warmth for your faithful companion. Combined with soothing warmth, the Celliant fibers help increase blood flow and boost blood oxygen levels. How happy would any of us be to curl up with this after a long winter day?
  • Older dogs don’t want to slow down or miss spending time with you. Protect your buddy from the elements and help keep them pain free with the Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Coat. Use alone or as a layer under your existing dog coat to provide maximum warmth and therapeutic support.
  • Finally – who doesn’t love a mid-winter snuggle with their furry friend? Curl up with Scruffy by the fire under the Draper Canine Therapy® Blanket. You’ll both be warm, happy and treating your aches and pains at the same time. The blanket comes in multiple sizes too – so pick up one for your pup’s crate or favorite chair.

Keep your older canine companion warm and comfortable all winter long and hopefully spring will be here before we know it!

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