To Infinity and Beyond!

To Infinity and Beyond!

In the fall of 2012, Draper Therapies introduced the Infinity scarf, a scarf that has ends are sewn together to make a large ring of fabric which the wearer then loops around their neck.The idea behind the design was fairly simple; a scarf with no ends couldn’t be pulled or slip off, the wearer didn’t have to work about zipping the ends into the zipper of his/her coat, and, from a fashion perspective, the scarf was attractive to wear as it created a sort of cowl neck look when worn loosely. It also sits on not only the back of the neck but the sides and, depending on how it is worn, can also provide all the benefits of Celliant to the top of the shoulders. After a year of great feedback and sales, two more versions of the infinity scarf were released, each sporting a different material. Although each one has a different feel and color, they are all the same basic shape and are the fashionable and practical solution for sore neck and shoulder relief!

Pricing for each of the scarves was originally based on the type of fabric used. After some careful consideration, we have decided to streamline the pricing. We are happy to announce that from now on the price for the scarves regardless of color/material used will be $40. We hope that this will encourage customers to try each of the scarves and help eliminate confusion regarding price.

Infinity Scarf Black

Our black Infinity scarf (pictured above looped three times around the model’s neck) is made of a soft mesh. It is contains 50% Celliant (Polyester) and 50% Hydrotec. This scarf is perfect for warmer climates as the material is fairly light. The light material also makes it a favorite of athletes (equestrians, skiers, walkers and runners especially).

Infinity Scarf Blue

We are very excited about our blue Infinity scarves. Why? Because they’re made our of our brand new blue material! These scarves are made out of the same material as our blue t-shirts and feel similar to jersey cotton. While the shirts are still in the works, try out this incredibly soft new fabric with our Infinity scarf! It’s a light, almost heathered blue color that will match just about everything. The material contains 50% Celliant(Polyester) and 50% Tencel. This version of the infinity scarf is perfect for casual wear, around the house, or whenever your neck and shoulders need some relief.

Infinity Scarf Gray


The gray Infinity scarf is perfect choice for anyone living in a chilly climate or the fashion forward. The material used for this scarf is a cotton (63%) and Celliant (37%) blend that feels slightly heavier than the black mesh or blue material. Their color makes them the most formal of the Infinity scarves, which make them pair nicely with more formal outerwear and office wear.

As always, all our scarves are machine washer and dryer safe.

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