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Julie Lafrenz, NY

"My horse has always been a little low behind. At the end of last show season he was a bit sore with HUGE windpuffs. I had always used your competitor, but it didn't do much for him so I bought your No Bows after I stumbled across an ad. He was doing 2'6" last year and needed 3 months off during the winter to recover. This year he's doing 3' and looking better than ever. They (the Draper No Bows) kept my horse's legs tight and ready through 4 days of showing at the Vermont Summer Festival. He's like a new horse this year with his Draper No Bows!"

Todd Minikus, International Grand Prix Show Jumper

"She loves her spa treatments- lounging in her Draper warps and blankets, chilling out on the TheraPlate, being groomed and rubbed down with ThermaFlex- it’s all good as long as there is no attempt with the dreaded clippers!" - on Quality Girl, Todd's winning mount for the 2014 Zoetis $1 Million Grand Prix at HITS Saugerties, NY

Kristine Kubota, Canadian National Agility Dog Champion Handler

"I put my heart and soul and invest in their (Kubota's agility dogs Siri, Jersey Girl, and Friday) health as competitive athletes and pets.  I believe in keeping them happy and healthy both on and off the training field.  Just like human athletes, my dogs require on-going alternative therapies, cross training and regular physio therapy to help prevent injuries and keep them in the best shape possible which includes using Draper Therapies as my main therapeutic textile.  I personally love the light weight Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Coat.  I use this both pre and post training on my dogs to keep their muscles warm and helps with and stiffness or inflammation.”

Jae L.

I love this (travel) blanket. I take it everywhere. I can’t live without it. It is small enough to fit it a medium-sized purse but big enough to wrap around my legs, though I am short. Taller folks may feel it is too small. (I would love it to be a little bit longer–maybe another 8-12 inches.) I have a neuropathy that makes my left leg sensitive to cold and drafts–and the discomfort is exacerbated by any kind of of draft or wind, even from an air conditioner or fan. This blanket provides much more warmth and protection than wool-blend blankets twice as thick. The only blanket I have that offers comparable warmth-to-weight ratio is a large cashmere wrap, but it cost $250 and is dry clean only! I never use it now that I have the Draper travel blanket. And boy, do we travel! Restaurants, movie theaters, airplanes, lectures, baseball games, the symphony, church, car rides… Really, any where I have to sit for a while, especially if there is air conditioning. Without it, I am so distracted by the cold discomfort in my leg that I sometimes have to leave. Also, Whenever I have an injury anywhere, I wrap this blanket around my injury when I sleep, and I’m pretty sure I heal faster because of it. And I can’t swear there is a direct causal relationship, but I have restless leg syndrome less often if I sleep with this travel blanket in my legs. I’m such a believer in Celliant that I got the socks and the body wrap, and I am saving up for the bed liner and nap blanket. But first, I’m buying this travel blanket for an elerly friend who often gets cold but wants to keep traveling. It’s money well spent.

Susan G.

I bought the black walking socks for my mom. She is 75 years old and was in a serious car accident 6 months ago and had open fractures of both her fibia and tibia. After surgery and a long rehab she is finally walking on her own. She is still very active, running her bed and breakfast on Cape Cod, but her foot and ankle still have some swelling and discomfort. I sent her a pair of your socks to try and she sent me this text: “The socks are beyond amazing! I love them. Words can not express how wonderful they are. Easy to put on and they feel great. Please get me FIVE more pairs!”

Susan B.

I was at a horse symposium and dropped by the Draper booth because a friend was purchasing a saddle pad.   All my fingers were completely white.  I suffer from extreme Raynaud’s syndrome.   Becky (Draper Therapies Product Manager) told me to wrap my hands in a Draper blanket while my friend finished her sale.   After taking the blanket off only a few minutes later you could visibly see the blood returning to my fingers.   It was truly amazing.   I have since gotten the long sleeve tee because of the previous experience and I can’t say enough about this product.   I work outside and am never without my glove liners and tee.   Thank you Draper!

Susanna M.

I’ve worn the socks a couple of times, and my feet didn’t hurt.  I normally cannot walk around without slippers or shoes with some cushioning and I was walking around with those socks on without slippers or shoes and my feet didn’t hurt!!! What the heck!  They seem to generate a little bit of warmth—not hot, just a gentle warming sensation.  I am SOLD!

Darian Quinn, Glenville NY

"Tai and I slept with our respective Draper blankets (Stable Sheet and Couch Blanket) last night. I was definitely a doubter of their effectiveness, but I have a hard time sleeping after a pretty big surgery a couple years ago my legs cramp really bad, and last night was the first time I slept through a whole night without my legs cramping since that surgery. My doubt is gone. Tai also looks pretty cute in hers and it's keeping her warm on this cold day. "

Lori B., Sugarland TX

"Before I had my Draper socks my feet would be achy by the end of the week because I was working out five days a week. I wear them whenever I workout and my feet don't ache. Well since I hurt my back I haven't been working out because my doctor told me to wait until I see the specialist. I noticed my feet aching again so I wore my socks to bed for the past two nights. My feet feel great."  

Lisa D.

"I recently purchased a turnout blanket for my horse and dog coats for each of my dogs.    I just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with all the items! The quality, constitution and craftsmanship are superior.   My gelding is quite large and can be difficult to fit for blankets but the size 84 turnout fits him beautifully.   My 11 year old weimaraner loves his dog coat and I believe he is already receiving the therapeutic benefits.    Thank you for creating such fantastic products. I hope to do business with Draper in the future."

Morgan and the story of her horse Galactic

“As an active event rider, I work to produce top talent with my focus and passion lying in the Off-Track Thoroughbred industry. It is without a doubt a booming business, with more programs than ever surfacing with the focus of re-homing and re-purposing Thoroughbreds that may have failed on the track and can go on to excel in other disciplines. I, personally, was introduced to your therapies after my most recent purchase of my now 8 year old OTTB, Galactic. Galactic came to me through a wonderful program called the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center based out of Lexington, KY. The MMSC focuses on finding sound, top-talent prospects for multiple disciplines. As an event rider of 14 years, I was looking for my future Advanced level prospect. My goals have been and always will be to become a top-level Eventing professional, and to do that, you’ve got to have the horses with the goods, and team that can get you there. Galactic was everything I’d been looking for in that type of horse. Unfortunately, just over 1 year into our partnership together, Galactic suffered what was likely deemed to be a career-ending 70% tear to his superficial digital flexor tendon when he overreached and struck his tendon. I was told he would need at least a full 12 months off and there was no guarantee he would return to any level of competition despite the best treatments available. I was absolutely heartbroken. Naturally, I began to research the best course of treatment for him, still hanging onto hope that he would come back and be able to do all we had hoped. We ended up going the route of stem-cell therapy after his tendon was surgically split, but the bow to his tendon was obvious and large. It was then that I came across Draper therapies while doing some online research. Willing to do anything that may help my horse rehabilitate to the best of his ability, I ordered your standing wraps. They arrived before my horse had his tendon split, and I immediately replaced my regular standing bandages with them. Within a 48-hour period, I was amazed at how drastically the edema in the leg had reduced. I was quick to provide you with an email testimony as I was that impressed with the immediate effect these wraps had on my horse, and I’m even more excited to be emailing you now with an update. Not so miraculously, but because I believe I made the right choice in treatment and the best choice possible in using my Draper wraps as part of my daily care regime, Galactic has made a 100% recovery and has been back in full training since October of 2014. His ultrasounds are outstanding, and while he may have a permanent bump from the impact of the overreach wound, the tendon healed extremely well. We have every hope that this horse will be my first shot at an upper level career, and I would love for Draper therapies to be a part of our journey getting there! For reference, I was able to take photographs of his healing process before and after use of the wraps and have attached them for comparison (As well as a couple of photographs from Galactic’s big comeback this past weekend). I have turned several people at my barn onto using these wraps, as we run a bit of a rehabilitation facility for horses with issues ranging from tendon and ligament injuries to housing and helping rescued Saddlebreds from the Team American Saddlebred Association. They too, have seen great success!”

Alex De Armas
Owner of A Horse Box, original equine subscription box service

"I AM LOVING MY SHOULDER WRAP!!! It works awesome, just love love love it. Easy to use, smells great, stays warm- feels great! Thank you!"

Stephen Mitchell
Successful Ultra Marathon Runner

"...It was great to know that I did not have to worry about my feet thanks to your socks, and this was demonstrated by the fact I didn’t have any blisters as a result of wearing them for all that distance and time... The old pairs have finally been resigned to the bin, but given how long they lasted I am sure these pairs will see me through to the net year’s race."

Patricia J.
Canton, MA

"The socks are working miracles! I just had to tell you that after wearing the socks for that last week, the pain from my planter facetious has been greatly reduced. More importantly, I was able to lunge my horse for a good 15 minutes Saturday with no pain. That is HUGE. I was so impressed with the improvement that I gave the other pair to a fellow planter facetious suffer to try and I told her she had to report back on any improvements she felt. You guys have a gold mine in this product!!!!!! I have paid quite a bit of money trying to find products to alleviate the pain and other than the orthotics, this is the only thing that seems to have any effect. Thanks so much!"

Kara Jo Webster
Owner/Operator Rafter Lazy E Quarter Horses

"First of all I LOVE your product. My stallion separated muscles from his neck, on down through the shoulder and into his chest. He couldn't walk/move/nothing! I have a big competition coming up and I feared he wasn't going to be ready. I got ahold of my chiro/massage therapist and purchased one of you blankets... within 5 weeks he could walk and I could start light riding again. I was IMPRESSED! I went to my competition and ended bring home AQHA points and 2 buckles in the ranch horse versatility classes I competed in. I owe it to my Draper blanket for his speedy recovery! Our story even made the local paper and I know have several friends asking about getting one for their horses!! I'm attaching you a few photos from our week at the show."

Laura S.
Flagtown, NJ

"Excellent customer care. I'm sure I will order from Draper again and highly recommend them to my friends. Oh, by the way, my horse is still loving the cooler. He's a real fuss-pot on the cross ties, gets bored easily. If I throw that cooler on, he is as quiet as ever and will fall asleep."

Marcia R.
Crestwood, KY

"My 7-year old OTTB was recently diagnosed with a 70% tear in his SDFT. We had stem cell therapy started and his tendon was surgically split. Within 5 days of continuous use of the Recovery Wraps, the edema in his leg was significantly improved and continues to go down with every day of use. I leave these on 24/7 as he is currently on stall rest. They are holding up very well! I can't wait to see the results on our next ultrasound to see how much they are assisting the healing process of his torn tendon. What a great product- a must have in every barn!!"

Alice B.
New Britain, CT

"I LOVE my wrist supports, honestly for all the typing I do, I can't imagine doing it without the supports because I have virtually no pain in my hands or wrists. If I forget and don't wear them, I get an ache and then I just put them on and 'whammo', no pain."

Cassidy R.
Zebulon, NC

"For a few years I've been incorporating Draper products into my program for my horses. I originally got a pair of the socks and a set of standing wraps from Time Butler, and thought they were pretty awesome -- although it was only recently I understood their super powers. I have a young horse who is pretty special (4th at AEC's last year, can jump the moon, gets in trouble a lot). He's always getting himself into predicaments that no other horse would do, and he seems to enjoy it - until he decided to spook and run through the hay area, attaching an entire pallet to his hind leg, cantering across the yard, and jumping a Rubbermaid container (pallet still wrapped around his hind leg). Once he stopped, we all caught our breath and evaluated the situation. We determined that all bones were intact, but that he was wickedly sore and the vet warned that the next morning would probably not be any better - in fact, most likely A LOT worse. He was quite uncomfortable and it was hard seeing my little bionic horse so out of sorts. After sitting with him for several hours, I re-wrapped my Draper wraps, and went home. I was supposed to be leaving early to teach a clinic the next morning, so went extra early to allow myself time to treat whatever I had waiting for me at the barn. To my surprise, I was greeted by a CANTERING Flash, very upset that he was still in the holding paddock. He was not sore in the least, and not at all swollen. He was sound that morning, and didn't take a sore step after that. The same horse ended up having surgery to remove a portion of his splint bone a couple of months ago, and thanks to the Draper Wraps, his recovering has been one of ease and completely by-the-books. He's back in full work, and will hopefully have a successful fall season."

Tracey D.
Medway, MA

"My daughter tried out the saddle pad on her favorite pony, PJ, on Tuesday. PJ was an absolute dream!! She is usually a good girl but can have her days, as they all can. My daughter thinks she was loving the saddle pad! We can't wait to try it out on her's horse, who has a tight back on one side. Splash did wear his new cooler during groundwork this week, and he was super good. Being nice and toasty has to feel good!!"

Angelea Kelly Walkup
USDF Gold Medalist Dressage Rider

"By far the best fitting saddle pad I have ever put on a horse; amazing design, look and feel. Cleans up super easily. Definitely functional beyond its hightechiness."

Krystin R.

"I am quite impressed! First off, I do not think the photo does it (Draper Therapy Cooler) justice... it's not a big rectangle, the cooler is actually fitted to the horse. It shapes around the neck (securing with safety snaps) and even shapes around the withers. It fits my guy perfectly, which being of a smaller draft type, and a stallion can be difficult around the neck, but the snaps keep it perfect. -And the material is quite durable. The best benefit I have seen is in using this product is that he is moving much more fluid. Having been diagnosed with Lyme, and going through treatment this last year, he has been very stiff, and warming up to get him out of it was taking a while. Since using this cooler before and after our workouts (which is about 4 times a week) he isn't nearly as stiff (making our work time more productive) and has cut our warmup time in less than half. I am very excited to have found something that has helped him to feel better and get us back to shape. This is a high quality product, and I would definitely recommend, especially for horses showing muscle stiffness."

Capstone Eventing

"One of our client's horses has had chronic skin problems that were aggravated in Florida during the winter circuit. He would lose all of his hair under the saddle pad and there was nothing we could do to fix it. The Saddle Pad fixed this problem completely and allowed oxygen to the area to help heal the area in record time. The Stable Blankets and Recovery Wraps have become a mainstay of the barn, both at home and away. We have been continually impressed with the quality, looks, and therapeutic benefits of these products: our horses are more supple, relaxed, and elastic when using products; old leg injuries remain a thing of the past when using your wraps."

Susie Dutta

"I have one of my Grand Prix horses that has always puffy legs and the morning after wearing them, her legs were tight! We are very impressed!"

Keli S.
Newmarket, NH

"I have been using your Saddle Pad on my horse everyday and we're starting to see a big improvement in her schooling over fences and dressage work. She's a horse of many talents but with the help of your products, we're achieving those goals!"

Scott D.
Plymouth, MA

"Due to poor circulation in my left leg, minor scratches or abrasions occasionally result in a skin ulcer. These problems even when tended to carefully, always take months to heal. I absolutely can attest that the rate of healing has been twice as fast after wearing the Socks."

Deborah A.
Long Beach, CA

"I'm so impressed, the horses respond extremely well to the energy flow from the products. I definitely notice the difference in muscle tissue after using the Stable Blanket. I've been telling everyone about your super product."

Melody F.

"I suffer from Raynaud's syndrome and my extremities face extreme pain and lose feeling frequently. Since trying the Socks, I have color in my toes and have had no pain when I work out. Can I buy stock in this product?"

Lantz P.

"I frequently make long trips with my Harley-Davidson Road King and had been having problems with these trips due to pain. After spending hundreds of dollars on products to help ease pain in the lower back and hip region, I was desperate. I ended up trying a Nap Blanket on my seat and the difference was astonishing, I ended up making it to my destination with no additional stops. Amazing!"

Gail K.

"I bought a Cooler for my horse and after putting it on the first time I noticed the ears flicking back and forth. Two weeks later, my horses' massage therapist said that my horse has never felt better! The only difference we had in our routine was the cooler. I ended up wanting to try the products for myself and as a breast cancer survivor, I added the Sleep Liner to my wellness routine. I wake up rejuvenated with no aches and pains, it's great to be able to stand straight up in the morning with no issues! Even my diabetic cat used to have trouble walking and now he has more step to his walk."

Whitney P.

"Whenever I get home from an event, my feet are always extremely painful. I decided to try the Socks out overnight and I woke up the next morning with absolutely NO pain, which is usually not the case. I'm not taking the Socks off ever! Even my dog who had really bad allergies loves the Nap Blanket and wasn't itching the next day after sleeping on the blanket. Great products!"

Lisa K.
Loxahatchee, FL

"I used to have a very large bone extension on my heel from playing basketball. From wearing the Socks consistently, it has completely disappeared. I am addicted, they are the only socks I wear."

Heather S.
Hopkinton, MA

"We use the pillow wraps on my horse which are great for sucking down his mysterious leg swellings he gets quite often."

Brian H.
Boston, MA

"When I'm playing golf, I'm competitive and I can't be competitive if I'm tired. I play better when I'm relaxed and I believe comfortable feet are a must in this game. It starts with the proper stance and I really believe the Socks help make that possible. I tee off, play 18 holes, finish strong and my feet aren't even tired. I didn't know what to expect when I tried them, but now I'm a believer."

Mary B.
Attleboro, MA

"I've been using the stable blanket on my horse and I believe it has really has helped to promote some good healing. She's back in work now and doing fine after her injury! The Nap Blanket has definitely come in handy for me when I get home after a long day of natural barefoot trimming. My dog and I fight over the blanket every night on the couch. I tried giving him Recovery Wraps instead and they have become my dogs now instead of for my horse! My dog absolutely adores them!"

Suzanne A.
Hudson, MA

"The stable blanket is one of my favorites particularly after a hard ride. I also use the charcoal saddle pad for all the dressage competitions we do and I really love the look of the cooler and my horse loves the feel!"

Stephanie C.
Mechanicsville, NY

"My best friend and I love the dressage pads! And more importantly, our horses love them! What a great product you guys offer!"

Leslie C.

"I purchased a Nap Blanket for my dog and have been very impressed with the results. My dog Molly is 14 and for her age she is doing great, but was starting to show some signs of aging. My main concern was her back and since then, she has been sleeping on her Nap Blanket and has had an easier time getting up and appears to be less stiff. Since I have three dogs, I have numerous beds, and I truly believe that she chooses to lay on the bed that I place the blanket on."

Loree S.
Manistee, MI

"I wanted to let you know the Recovery Wraps work terrific! I started using them a week ago, and I can definitely say they do everything I was looking for. I leave them on almost all the time, except for washing, which by the way, they do really well. No edema! It is so nice to be able to give my horse some relief. I don't hesitate to tell people of this product. I'm so glad I found you."

Lilianne M.
Morriston, FL

"I love your Socks! The pain in my right foot is 90% gone, which is an amazing feat. I exercise every morning and there were some positions I could not get into because of the pain, of which I can do now! Thanks for a wonderful product."

John F.
Cataumet, MA

"Our cats have been fighting over the Neck Blanket you gave us to try! Who knew!"

Karen S.
Barboursville, WV

"My spouse is 72 years old and works full time. His job requires a great deal of activity and he is often on his feet for 8 hours or more a day. He's on a variety of steep slopes and riverbanks with varying degrees of difficult terrain and many hard surfaces. I purchased him two pair of the Draper Walking Socks to try. The days he wears the socks he constantly comments that his ankles do not swell as much and his feet are warmer and more flexible, his muscles more relaxed. Once the boots come off he has little if any pain in his feet. These are the only socks I have ever known him to actually take care of as they have proven to be so beneficial."

Heather Blitz
International Dressage Rider

"Draper Equine Therapy products are true quality that make a difference. My horse's back is very sensitive but has become much happier about being tacked up since I started using the saddle pad from Draper. The design is also correct, good looking and easy to care for."

Capstone Eventing: Nick Cwick & Lindsey Rairden
Successful FEI Eventing Competitor & Advanced Level Eventing Competitor

"Draper's products have become a must have, both away and at home. We wash the saddle pads daily and they've held up for over two years. Amazing"

Selena O’Hanlon
Olympic Canadian Eventing Team Member

"Draper has been unbelievably good to us for nearly three years. We started with a saddle pad to try and see if it helped Colombo's back which is uber sensitive. Well it certainly did, and he has never ever been ridden without a Draper pad since that day. We now use Coolers, Wraps and of course the Saddle Pads on both Colombo and A First Romance. They make an incredible difference to Colombo's comfort level during and after work. At the Olympics and at WEG, Selena had to wear the team pads but our Draper pad was on underneath each and every day, we wouldn't take any risks at such an important time in Colombo's career."

Chester Weber
World Four-in-Hand Silver Medalist

"Compared to other products, I believe Draper Equine Therapy is the best on the market."

Laura Noyes
2006 and 2008 United States Representative at the Young Rider World Cup

"I use Draper sleep liner on my bed and sleep in the Draper t-shirt as often as I can. I have noticed that on a regular basis, my back is not nearly as tired the next morning as it normally is. When I wear the t-shirt during the day, I have a lot less pain and soreness in my bum shoulder than I usually do, something I have had to live with. I am very impressed with the Draper products!"

Susan Dutta
International Dressage Rider and US Olympic Qualifier

"Draper products are easy to care for and a must have in my stable. In addition to being durable, comfortable and good looking, the Recovery wraps work great. We have noticed that the horses seem more comfortable and tired legs are refreshed after being wrapped."

Laura Noyes
2006 and 2008 United States Representative at the Young Rider World Cup

"I use the saddle pad every day and have noticed a difference in my FEI horses' back. He is able to warm up and become softer in his back quicker."

Susanne Hassler
Highest Finishing American Entrant at FEI World Championships & Hassler Dressage Vice President, Director of Breeding

"We've tried all the dressage pads on the market and these pads are first class, they fit like a dream. Even in muggy weather, the underside is always dry."

Sara Kozumplik
Successful CIC**** Eventing Competitor

"We LOVE the products. The wraps worked especially great for a horse that had recent surgery on a suspensory."

Michael Tokaruk
Successful Hunter and Grand Prix Show Jumping Rider

"I was a huge skeptic, but was immediately impressed how well the products worked on us and the horses. I never go anywhere without my Draper polos."

Tami Hoag
Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Best Selling Author

"I love my Draper Blankets and my Draper Saddle Pads that are being used every single day. I bring them home and they go in the washer and dryer, coming back with me the very next day. Aside from the therapeutic benefits, their minimal care is a huge advantage of the Draper products. My Draper t-shirt helps my back and makes a definite difference with long days of writing and/or riding. My favorite Draper products by far are the t-shirt and the travel blanket. The Nap Blanket is easy to pack and take on a plane. I take it everywhere."

Selena O’Hanlon
Olympic Canadian Eventing Team Member

"Colombo has worn his saddle pad every day since competing at Rolex, he wears nothing else."