Troy Brandenburg

Troy Brandenburg

Advisory Board Member

Brandenburg Equine Therapy offers a multitude of holistic equine treatments including Reiki Massage, acupressure, pulsing magnetic therapy, laser therapy, common sense stretches, as well as equine hair mineral analysis. They strive to “help the horse help you”, that is, to provide the best holistic care to equine athletes, with a specific focus on improving circulation and blood flow.

“I don’t believe that anything I do will replace modern equine medicine. However, I believe my therapy works well and complements the current knowledge at hand. I have devoted my life to working on horses and learning everything I can to improve both my knowledge and skills. Thus far my quest has taken me to Australia, Europe, and the USA. I have a long way to go. But everything I do is for the benefit of the horse. I feel that if the horse is healthier, he feels better, and he is happier with thyself, then he will be more responsive to the rider i.e. better performance for you.” – Troy Brandenburg

Current Residence:
St. Louis area


Home Town:
Queensland, Australia

Top Accomplishments:
Rookie of the Year Team Roping in Australia and a highly esteemed Jockey while in Australia

Favorite Draper Therapies Product:
Western Pads, Draped in Health Blanket, Stable Sheet