Kristine Kubota

Kristine Kubota

Advisory Board Member

“I am a proud to be a Brand Ambassador and Team Member for Draper Therapies!  My love for the Equine and K9 Agility competitive sport has been evident since a child!  I grew up showing hunters and jumpers in Ontario, Canada and I am still very active in the sport today.  My true passion however, and hobby is competitive dog agility.  I have been training in agility for almost 10 years and have three dogs who are active athletes in the sport today.  Jersey Girl is my semi-retired 11 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Siri is my 6 year old border collie and Friday my youngest at 21 months, is a German Shorthaired Pointer and my next up and coming project with a very bright future ahead of her!  I put my heart and soul and invest in their health as competitive athletes and pets.  I believe in keeping them happy and healthy both on and off the training field.  Just like human athletes, my dogs require on-going alternative therapies, cross training and regular physio therapy to help prevent injuries and keep them in the best shape possible which includes using Draper Therapies as my main therapeutic textile.  I personally love the light weight  Draper CanineTherapy Coat.  I use this both pre and post training on my dogs to keep their muscles warm and helps with and stiffness or inflammation.”

June 5

Current Residence:
Milton, Ontario Canada

Home Town:
Mississauga, Ontario Canada


Top Accomplishments:
Jersey Girl:
2016 National Champion, Montreal, Quebec
Two Time Regional Champion
Cynosport World Game Team Finalist, 6th place finish, Murfressboro, Tenessee
Many countless top ten finishes in Nationals and Regionals throughout her career both in Canada and the United States.

Canada Cup Steeplechase Champion
Cynosport World Games, Steeplechase Finalist and 9th place overall finish, Murfressboro, Tenessee
Many top ten finishes at Regional Events both in Canada and in the United States

Just cute and full of life at 21 Months!  In Training

Favorite Draper Therapies Product:
Draper Canine Therapy Dog Coat
Draper Body Therapy Nap Blanket (for me!)

Role Model:
Lindsey Vonn

To qualify with Siri for a Canadian World Agility Team and compete in Europe!