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Celliant, the technology contained in all Draper Therapies products absorbs and stores the electromagnetic (energy) emissions from the human body and releases them where they are reabsorbed into the skin and deep muscle tissue. In the deep muscle tissue they act as catalysts for natural, biological processes resulting in enhanced oxygen levels and more balanced body temperature during sleep, rest or physical activity. In this way, it helps the user remain strong and active even when the product is not actively being used. It is the world's first responsive textile with clinically proven benefits to the human body. You can read more about Celliant here.
A responsive textile is a material that interacts with the body, using its energy to be more effective.
All Draper Therapies products can be washed in your home washing machine and be placed in your dryer. As Celliant is embedded in the products, washing or drying will not alter the therapeutic properties of the fiber. Cleaning additives such as bleach and stain remover can also be used without effecting the properties of Celliant.
Yes. Celliant's efficacy has been proven in five U.S.-based clinical studies that consistently show the material's effects to be significant, compelling, and verifiable. Celliant has been clinically proven to reduce pain, increase the oxygen levels in tissues and skin and balance body temperature while active or asleep. You can view more information on the Clinical Studies here.
No. Your body will only absorb as much energy as it can handle. Although it is possible for your body to have too much oxygen, the increases caused by Celliant are in no way putting the body in danger of these levels.
Celliant is specially formulated with proprietary ingredients that are blended with polyester fiber. This fiber, in turn, can be woven or knit into almost any materials including wools, cottons and other polyesters. While the exact formula is a patent protected trade secret, we can say that Celliant contains many minerals including Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide.
As Celliant encourages the body's natural processes, there are no known side effects. In fact, the only effects that have been found from the use of Celliant have been increased stamina, more rapid recovery, and better overall performance. While it is possible to have an allergic reaction to any material, Celliant contains minerals that most people come into contact with on a regular basis. Since the first products became available in 2003, there have not been any reported cases of allergic reactions to Celliant.
Celliant starts to work immediately and the effects generally increase the longer they are used. All products are tested over at least a 90-minute period to ensure that they are effective.
While you will not necessarily be able to perceive, or feel an increase in circulation, oxygenation or blood flow, in clinical testing we have measured the increase in skin oxygen levels (TCP02) and consistently recorded significant improvements across a wide spectrum of test subjects. People who try Celliant often observe localized pain relief and an overall improved sense of health.
Products enhanced with Celliant do not have to be next to the skin in order to work, but work best when in direct contact. Covering the material with additional layers will not decrease their effectiveness, but may delay their effects. Celliant will work through any type of covering including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing, laminated or waterproof fabrics, or pillowcases.
The light is reflected in all directions, but the light sent towards the body carries enough energy to increase blood flow and blood oxygen levels. The rest will scatter into space.
The research that led to the creation of Celliant began in the 1990s, when a team of pioneers in the field of alternative medicine visited Asia and observed the use of several natural substances that were thought to have a positive effect on health, healing and physical comfort. After seven years of development and several more of testing, the team was able to integrate these materials into Celliant, a technology that can be woven or added to other fibers and yarns to make fabrics. Draper Therapies was created in 2003 and has continued to expand its offerings to meet the need of its canine, equine, and human customers.
Celliant is the world's most technologically advanced fiber and the only responsive textile with clinically proven benefits to the human body. Celliant's oxygen studies were done independently by three separate doctors and all tests came to the same conclusion, that Celliant increases blood oxygen levels which has been shown to increase performance, relieve pain and improve muscle recovery.
Instead of simply warming or redirecting the magnetic fields of the muscles, Celliant works at the circulatory level, encouraging not only alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms but an actual improvement of the body's natural systems. It works with your body to help it do what it does naturally. Magnetic and ceramic therapeutic products have no clinical studies to prove their effectiveness.
While Celliant is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, it has been proven in clinical tests to reduce pain, increase blood flow and blood oxygen levels, and help balance body temperature. Each of these results can have added benefits including faster healing, increased performance, better-quality sleep, and improved overall wellness—all of which help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and peripheral vascular disease often associated with diabetes.
Yes. Products enhanced with Celliant do not have to be next to the skin in order to work, and covering the material with additional layers will not decrease their effectiveness. Celliant works equally well through any type of covering including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing, laminated or waterproof fabrics, or synthetic pillowcases.

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