About Draper Therapies

Draper Therapies™ stems from their parent company, Draper Knitting Company, a family owned and operated textile mill that has been in operation in Canton, MA since 1856. Their long standing history and ability to keep family ties strong has enabled them to change and evolve throughout the course of history- fabric innovations spanning three centuries. It is through Draper Knitting’s own evolution that Draper Therapies was brought to its inception in 2003 through the testing of a smart-fiber called Celliant™. “We started working with Celliant early on,” Kristin Draper, President, explains, “and when we saw what it could do for humans, we decided to take it to the equine and canine markets.”

All Draper Therapies products included in Draper Body Therapy, Draper Equine Therapy and Draper Canine Therapy use the technology of Celliant to provide therapeutic products to each of their respective markets. Celliant is a therapeutic fiber which is embedded with millions of microscopic minerals and gemstones that act as reflective mirrors for energy emitted from the body. This energy is redirected back to the body to relax the capillaries and improve blood flow and increase oxygenation. The result is accelerated muscle recovery and help for stiffness and soreness while also balancing the body’s temperature and making it more efficient. As it affects the circulatory system, Celliant has lingering effects that continue after it has been removed from the body. It helps the user remain strong and active even when the product is not actively being used.

Originally Celliant was used to help people suffering from diabetic neuropathy and atherosclerosis (i.e., loss of sensation and a hardening of the arteries that results in diminished blood flow and other problems), Celliant was eventually brought to the sports markets. Thanks to the innovations developed at Draper Therapies, Celliant is now being used to help humans and non-humans alike.

The natural minerals that make up the composition of Celliant are extruded into polyester when the fiber itself is being made. This process allows the properties of Celliant to last with the life of the product, and as such can never wash or wear out, making it low maintenance and cost effective. Celliant has been clinically proven in three double blind “USA” based studies to help reduce pain, increase oxygen levels and help balance overall body temperature.

Draper Therapies strives to bring therapeutic products to the market that maintain the quality that Draper Knitting Company itself has been able to bring to the textile industry for 150+ years. All products are made in the U.S. and undergo rigorous trials to make sure the products stand the test of time. “We really want to provide  easy to maintain products for those who care about their own health and wellness (or their animals); not to mention without crazy wiring systems or directions to be followed in order to use the products.  We been given rave reviews by Olympians, New York Times Best Selling Authors, World Travelers and so on, so we really know that products can go up against the most strict regimes and guidelines,” says Kat Wojtylak, former Product Manager. “We just want all walks of life to be feeling their best and not have pain get in the way.”

To view the full line of products that Draper Therapies offers or to learn about the company as a whole, please visit Draper Therapies.