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Draper Equine Therapy® Hock Boots


Draper Equine Therapy® Hock Boots give your horse protection of the hock area while providing better recovery and decreasing any soreness and/or swelling in the area.

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Product Description

Draper Equine Therapy® Hock Boots are made to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow in your horses hocks during recovery periods. The boots are versatile and work well with most horses and their unique conformations. They are designed to not only make your horse comfortable by protecting the hock area but to also provide therapeutic relief.

The Draper Equine Therapy® Hock Boots have the following content, Face: 50% Celliant® (Polyester), 50% Wool | Back: 100% Polyester.

The Draper Equine Therapy® Hock Boots are machine washable and dryer safe. They are available in one size only. Sold in pairs.

Made in the USA.

About Celliant®

Celliant is made of a patented blend of thermo-reactive minerals infused into the core of fiber which is used to create all types of textiles and fabrics so it does not wash or wear out.

Celliant is based on three fundamental scientific principles: Your body emits heat; certain naturally-occurring minerals absorb heat and emit far infrared energy (IR); and IR is a vasodilator that delivers health benefits by increasing blood flow to tissue and muscles throughout the body, which delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Products made with Celliant-treated textiles and fabrics absorb and convert body heat, naturally emitted by all living things, in the form of far infrared energy (IR). This energy is recycled back into skin and tissue in a safe, natural way, helping to rebuild and recharge the human body after physical activity and while you sleep.

Celliant is shown to increase tissue oxygenation by eight percent , which helps the body:
– Recover faster from physical activity
– Increase energy, endurance, stamina and performance
– Promote restful sleep and increased comfort

Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body. All Draper Therapies products are safe to use continually and without build up times.

The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. As such, products containing Celliant:

Increase Energy – This energy penetrates the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow

Better Endurance

Faster/Quicker Recovery

Enhanced/Increased Performance

Increase/Enhance Speed

Improve/Increase Strength

Increase Stamina

Helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep

For more information on Celliant, click here.

Additional information

Weight 1.19 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 2 × 18 in

6 reviews for Draper Equine Therapy® Hock Boots

  1. Malin Fredriksen

    My 12 year old Paint mare is experiencing some hock pain, (not lame, just sore and unhappy mare) and had had some windpuffs in that joint recently. The Hock boots came in the mail, and although I was hopeful they would help, I was shocked when I saw how fast the relief was for her. I put them on, (no need for wraps as they stayed put even as she ate hay lose in stall) and after 35 minutes took them off to see a huge reduction in the windpuff. Like 2/3 reduction in size! I then took her to the indoor arena, and was amazed at how easily she moved. Her hock action was smoother, reaching under her body with hind legs, she was happy and sassy, and the wind puff did not increase in size. I am now a believer, and will use the the hock boots every day while grooming and cooling. Soon I will ride again! Thank you Draper Therapies for a super product!

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    I have a set for every horse in my training barn. Some wear them before, some after, some before and after. You can SEE the horse become more comfortable on their hind legs while just standing there. Working becomes easier too!
    I encourage all of my clients to try them, young and old horses, it doesn’t matter.
    We ask them to work, we should give them the best we can….and these are the best.

  3. Tanya Moths (verified owner)

    These boots are a GAME CHANGER for my 17 year old event horse! He has diagnosed arthritis in his hocks, and these boots go on before and after each ride. Since using them, he has been more comfortable, less irritable, and my vet is so impressed with the quality of his movement! Thanks Draper for another amazing product!

  4. Ashleigh (verified owner)

    I am one week in to using the Draper therapy Hock boots on my rising 7 year old who has congenital OA changes in both his hocks. I’ve quickly noticed a difference in his demeanour once we hit the arena to work – he is less stiff and apprehensive to work. I’ve been leaving them on whilst we tack up and then straight after work again. I personally swear by my Celliant socks for an ankle injury so I know myself the difference I can feel, and I think my horse feels it too! I’m very keen to purchase more Draper therapy products very soon.

  5. Rebecca Holly

    I use these wraps before & after each ride & I’ve noticed such a big difference in my guy. He comes out less stiff & more comfortable & I never go a ride without using these. They’re so quick, easy & convenient to put on while being extremely durable. Love love love these hock boots & I cannot say enough good things about these boots & Draper products in general!

  6. Megan Currier (verified owner)

    I first purchased these for my geriatric Cheval Canadien jumper a few years ago. I used to have BOT hock boots, however the straps were really flimsy and kept tearing off. Their lifespan was short. And they’re not cheap to keep purchasing over and over. The Draper hock boots have these awesome “no-hassle” straps versus having to deal with a strap not going into a keeper and then everything ripping apart. I also REALLY love that they’re easy to wash. All Draper products are. I am lazy when it comes to laundry and would rather just throw it all in, versus having to wash a product a ver specific way or else I’ll ruin the “therapeutic material.” I like how the Draper hock boots wrap nicely around the hocks. My guy has arthritis and a draft-like build, and is easily prone to wind puffs and some swelling (can be due to exercise, weather, etc). These hock boots work wonders. They help circulation in his hocks which helps with keeping the swelling away. AND my favorite thing is using my Draper No-Bow wraps WITH the hock boots. You can overlap and it’s a beautiful fit. Not too awkward or bulky or anything. I’m a huge fan of Draper since finding it a few years ago. I’m now in the process of converting. I approve. My (turning 24 in May) Canadian approves also!

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