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Selena O’Hanlon

Selena O'Hanlon, Photo © Three Stride Studios

Selena O’Hanlon, Draper Equine Advisory Board Member and long-time Draper product advocate is tentatively scheduled to be in Draper’s booth to answer questions and sign autographs. Right now she’s in full training mode in preparation for WEG and is trying her hardest to find a day and time to stop by!

Selena Jade O’Hanlon started eventing at age nine and by the time she was sixteen, she earned a place on the first of many North American Young Rider teams. From this first international involvement, there was no stopping Selena. She worked hard and brought on horse after horse for her mothers’s sales barn, taking most of them to Preliminary level whilst dreaming of being at the Olympic level. Selena brought her own mare through the levels from Novice to Advanced before being given the ride on Columbo, her star horse since 2006. This partnership showed talent right from the beginning and in 2008, Selena achieved her Olympic dream, representing Canada in Hong Kong Olympic Games.

To read more about Selena O’Hanlon and her growing list of accomplishments, please visit this website.

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