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Are there any side effects from using products with Celliant®?
Does it have to come in contact with the body or skin to work?
Has it been clinically tested?
How can Celliant® make the light reflect back toward the body and not in all directions?
How do I care for my Draper Therapies® products?
How do you know it is working?
How does it directly differ from magnet or ceramic therapy?
How does it work?
How long do I need to use the products to get the positive effects?
How was Celliant® developed and why?
Is it possible to get too much light or too much oxygen?
What is a responsive textile?
What is in Celliant that makes it produce therapeutic effects?
What sets Celliant® apart from other therapeutic products?
Will Celliant® products help treat or reduce pain caused by arthritis or diabetes?
Will my Celliant® product still work through my pillowcase, sheets, extra layers of clothing, etc.?
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